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  • SBU Head: Russian Eurovision contestant should not be allowed to enter Ukraine

    The head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Vasyl Gritsak, believes that Ukraine should prohibit the entry of the Russian representative to Eurovision-2017, Yulia Samoylova. While speaking with journalists on Friday, Grytsak said that the decision has not been made yet, but he is personally in favor of the ban.

    "My opinion is the law is for everyone! If a person crossed the border of the annexed territory – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea - this means she committed an administrative …

  • Security Service of Ukraine will verify information about Russian Eurovision candidate's visits to Crimea

    The Ukrainian Security Service will check the authenticity of information regarding possible visits by the Russian singer Yulia Samoylova to the Russia-annexed Crimea. This was stated by Security Service spokesperson Olena Gitlyanska.

    “In response to numerous requests in connection with Yulia Samoylova, I want to say that the Security Service will investigate the matter and make an informed decision with regard to her entering Ukrainian territory,” wrote Gitlyanska on her Facebook page.

    She …

  • Russia announces its candidate for Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine

    Singer Yulia Samoylova will represent Russian in the singing contest Eurovision 2017, which will be held in the Ukrainian capital in May. This was reported on Sunday, March 12, on Channel One Russia. Samoylova will sing the song “Flame is Burning.” Because she is disabled, the singer is confined to a wheelchair.

    Disabled performers have participated before in Eurovision. In 2015, Polish singer Monika Kuszynska, confined to a wheelchair like Samoylova, sang in Vienna. Before that, in 2008, …

  • Russian State Duma suggested sending singer Kobzon and Alexandrov Ensemble to Kyiv for participation in Eurovision

    The Deputy Head of the Just Russia party in the State Duma, Oleg Nilov, suggested sending State Duma Deputy and a famous singer, Iosif Kobzon, with the Alexandrov Ensemble, to Kyiv to represent Russia at the Eurovision competition, as reported by TASS.

    "Russia has agreed to participate again... My suggestion is, God grant health to Iosif Davydovich, and send him along with the Alexandrov Ensemble," Nilov said, speaking on behalf of the Just Russia faction.

    The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 …

  • Some Eurovision 2017 organizers left the project due to the appointment of new head of competition

    A number of employees that were part of the organizing committee of Eurovision 2017 of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, responsible for the preparation and holding of the song contest in Kyiv said that they stopped their work on the project, Deutsche Welle reported.

    In a statement posted on Facebook on Monday, February 13, team members explained that their decision was a result of the new head of the competition in Ukraine blocking their work. The document was signed by 21 …

  • Blacklisted artists will be unable to attend Eurovision in Kyiv

    Russian artists that were added to the Ukrainian black list of cultural workers will not be able to participate in Eurovision held in Kyiv in 2017, as stated in an interview with by the Deputy Director General of the National Television Company of Ukraine, the executive producer of Eurovision-2017, Oleksandr Kharebin.

    According to him, today, Russia is an official participant of Eurovision-2017. However, artists that are banned from entering Ukraine will not be able to participate in …

  • Kyiv denies that it was asked to cancel Russian black list for Eurovision-2017

    Ukrayinska Pravda reports that Olexandr Harebin, the first Deputy General Director of NTU and executive producer of Eurovision-2017, said on Russian media that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) allegedly urged Kyiv to cancel the list of banned Russian artists.

    Harebin though said that the EBU did not make such a request to Ukraine concerning the so-called "black lists".

    "I have no desire to comment on any more Russian media allegations, but I will say that the EBU does not negotiate with …

  • Ukraine might lose Eurovision-2017

    Ukraine may lose the right to host the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. According to TSN, this was announced by the acting director general of the National Television Company of Ukraine (NTU), Oleksandr Harebin.

    “In early October, the European Broadcasting Union, as the owner of the Eurovision brand, gave the NTU a red card with regard to the timing and the actual failure to prepare for Eurovision,” Harebin said.

    According to him, the contest could be derailed because of the bureaucracy in …

  • Russia applied to participate in Eurovision-2017 in Kyiv

    Russia has applied for participation in the 2017 Eurovision International Song Contest, reported the Eurovision website.

    The contest will take place in Kyiv, and a record number of singers are scheduled to participate. The report says that 43 participants have confirmed their participation, including Russia. 

    “We are happy that 43 national artists applied for participation in the Eurovision 2017 contest, which has become a record,” the organizers of the contest noted.

    Earlier, Ukraine called …

  • European Broadcasting Union delegation arrives in Ukraine to discuss Eurovision 2017

    A delegation of the European Broadcasting Union arrived in Kiev to discuss the terms and conditions of the Eurovision song contest which will be held in Ukraine next year, Ukrainskie Novosti reported with reference to the Minister of Culture, Yevhen Nyshchuk.

    "Today, in Ukraine, a delegation of the European Broadcasting Union arrived,” Nyshchuk said.

    According to him, the delegation is meeting with the National Television Company.

    The Ukrainian contestant, Jamala, won Eurovision 2016 in …