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  • Former Russian Army commander Ivan Popov loses $330k in casino, faces fraud charges

    Ivan Popov, former commander of Russia's 58th Army, has reportedly lost more than $330,000 gambling in casinos, according to Russian media.

    In a twist to the investigation against him, it was revealed through the examination of his mobile phone that he had lost approximately 30 million roubles on the betting platform Winline. Investigators suggest that these might have been illicitly acquired funds.

    Popov is currently detained in a pre-trial detention centre, facing allegations of large-scale …

  • Fire breaks out at the Russian FSB building in Rostov

    The FSB border guard building is on fire in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, reports Russian media. Eyewitnesses reported that they heard an explosion before the fire broke out in the building on Sivers Avenue.

    The Telegram channel SHOT reports that all people were told to leave the building. 20 firefighter units are on the scene. All the cars were also removed from the area. The territory was cordoned off. Traffic police officers blocked Sivers Avenue. It is reported that there is no threat …

  • Heads of Russian FSB Foreign Intelligence Department under house arrest due to failed Ukraine invasion

    Photo: Sergey Beseda, head of the 5th Service (Service of Operational Information and International Relations) of the Russian Federal Security Service.

    The heads of the 5th service of the FSB (Federal Security Service), which is responsible for foreign intelligence and specializes in Ukraine, have been put under house arrest, reported Meduza, citing journalist Andrei Soldatov.

    Soldatov reported, citing his sources, that these are the head of the department Sergey Beseda and his deputy Anatoly …

  • Kyiv: information about Kadyrov fighters coming to Ukraine to kill President Zelensky was leaked by Russian FSB

    Russia has sent Chechen fighters to Ukraine to eliminate President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, representatives of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), who oppose Russia's invasion, leaked the details to the Ukrainian special services. As a result, some of the Kadyrov fighters were destroyed and Ukrainians are looking for the second group, said Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov.

    "We are all aware of the special operation, which was to be carried out …

  • Russian FSB claims to have prevented military coup in Belarus and assassination attempt on Lukashenko

    On April 17, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it detained two people who allegedly were preparing a military coup in Belarus and an assassination attempt on the self-proclaimed president Alexander Lukashenko, TASS reports.

    "The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the Committee of State Security of the Republic of Belarus (KGB), as a result of the special operation, foiled the illegal activities of Yuri Zyankovich, who has dual citizenship …

  • Kremlin gives Russian special services full access to users' cellular geolocation data

    The Russian Ministry of Digital Development has prepared amendments to the Communications Act, which will allow the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Federal Protective Service (FSO) to obtain data on the location of users' mobile devices from telecom operators without a court decision.

    The text of the document was published by the telegram channel OrderCom and later confirmed by the news website Kommersant.

    The Ministry of Digital Development stated that the …

  • Navalny tricks Russian FSB agent into confessing to botched attempt on his life

    Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny spoke on the phone with Konstantin Kudryavtsev who is believed to be involved in the attempt on Navalny’s life. The politician called Kudryavtsev impersonating as am Assistant of the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev. Navalny published a recording of the conversation on his YouTube channel.

    A joint investigation of journalists from The Insider, Bellingcat and CNN with the participation of Der Spiegel, revealed that the FSB operative …

  • Putin allows Russian intelligence officers to have dual citizenship

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to allow intelligence officers to have dual citizenship. On September 22, as part of the amendments to the Constitution, Putin submitted to the Russian State Duma amendments to the laws on foreign intelligence and the Federal Security Service (FSB), Vedomosti reports.

    The lower house of the Russian parliament has already approved the law and sent it to the upper house. The explanatory note to the law says that the document proposes the introduction of …

  • Russia bans media from publishing materials about special services without their permission

    The Russian parliament, the State Duma, approved in the third reading amendments to the law on the Federal Security Service (FSB), prohibiting the publication and distribution of materials about the FSB without the permission of the agency's leadership, reports Novoye Vremya news outlet.

    The law outlines the measures for the observance of professional confidentiality by military personnel, federal civil servants, current and former employees of the FSB.

    According to the law, protected …

  • Kyiv detains Ukrainian general on suspicion of spying for Russia

    Ukrainian counterintelligence officials have detained a of a high-ranking agent of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), Major General of the Ukrainian Security Service Valery Shaitanov.

    According to a statement published on the website of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), Shaytanov is suspected of treason and committing terrorist acts.

    "Following the instructions of the Russian special services, he planned to kill a well-known military volunteer Adam Osmayev. The SBU has collected …