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  • Russians will need approval of Finnish Defense Ministry to buy property in Finland

    Finland has obliged citizens who do not live in EU countries to request permission from the Finnish Defense Ministry to the purchase of the real estate in the country. The measure, which would go into effect from January 1, also applies to Russian citizens, reports the YLE news agency.

    The Defense Ministry will check whether the buyers present a threat to the country’s security. Thus, purchases of  properties located near airfields, radars, and warehouses of food reserves are likely to be …

  • Finland and Estonia launch Balticconnector gas pipeline

    On December 11, ceremonies to mark the commissioning of the Estonian-Finnish gas pipeline Balticconnector were held simultaneously in Paldiski (Estonia) and Helsinki (Helsinki), reports Delfi news outlet.

    The gas pipeline was launched by the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid and Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

    The length of the underwater part of the Balticconnector gas pipeline from Paldiski to Inkoo municipality in Finland is 77 km. The land part covers 55 km in Estonia and 21 km in …

  • Finland promises Ukraine €600,000 for mine clearance in Donbas

    “Eastern Ukraine is one of the most mine-polluted conflict zones in the world. We are preparing an additional €600,000 [assistance] package for mine clearance,” Interfax-Ukraine cites Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto as saying.

    The minister promised to allocate the funds to Kyiv during a visit to the conflict region. A Finnish delegation led by Foreign Minister Haavisto visited disengagement section No. 1 in Stanytsia Luhanska, Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation headquarters announced on …

  • Putin: Moscow can live without membership in Council of Europe

    At the press conference after talks with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö , Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia doesn't want to participate in the Council of Europe at any cost, and if other members don't want to see Russia there, Moscow can live without membership in this organization.

    Finnish journalist, addressed Putin and  pointed out that Moscow does not comply with the rules of the organization. The journalist reminded of dispersal of protests in Moscow. Putin replied that …

  • Before his visit to Ukraine Finland’s President discuss Donbas with Putin

    President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, before his visit to Ukraine, discussed the conflict settlement in the Donbas with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports EuroIntegration news outlet.

    "We had a little talk about Ukraine. I am going to visit Ukraine in a few weeks, and as far as I understand, certain practical initiatives are implemented, and practical work is being carried out. For my part, I will support this process," he said.

    Niinistö added that Helsinki had made efforts to return …

  • Russian criminal group launders largest sum in Finland's history

    Two Estonian citizens were arrested in Finland on charges of laundering more than 100 million euros for a Russian organized criminal group, reports Yle TV channel.

    The money laundering was carried out with the assistance of the Finnish HTR Talonrakennus Oy construction company. Estonians, who led this firm, received charges of laundering 140 million criminal euros. Now the detainees deny their guilt, claiming that the money was allegedly intended for the construction of roads in Karelia.

    It …

  • Finland expresses regret after its warship entered Russian territorial waters

    Finland has expressed regret after its warship by mistake entered the Russian territorial waters, reports the Finnish Navy.

    The incident happened on August 1 in the Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. The Hämeenmaa gunboat entered Russian waters at about 600 m, realized the mistake, immediately left the territory and reported the incident. After that, Helsinki contacted the Russian authorities and expressed regret.

    In September 2018, the Finnish authorities, in turn, suspected a Russian ship …

  • Russian warships and submarines spotted off Estonian coast

    53-year-old Finn Jari Muukkonen, who sailed from Tallinn to Helsinki, spotted off five warships and a submarine in the Gulf of Finland near Estonian territorial waters, reports Elu24 news outlet.

    Jari bongasi viisi sotalaivaa ja sukellusveneen Viron aluevesirajalla – ”Ei se ihan jokapäiväistä ole”

    — Ilta-Sanomat (@iltasanomat) July 31, 2019

    The man said that the ships belong to Russia, and he also made photos of them.

    "When our ship approached them, it became …

  • Russian warplanes violate Finnish airspace

    The Finnish Border Agency confirmed that Finnish airspace had been violated by a Russian plane last week, reports Yle news agency.

    It’s reported that a Russian aircraft entered Finnish airspace for about one kilometer and was within the Finnish borders for about two minutes.

    "The border guards were not able to identify the pilots who operated the plane. For this reason, it is not possible to bring charges," the statement said.

    Fighters of the Finnish Air Force were scrambled last Monday to …

  • Norway gives Kremlin evidence of Russia’s involvement in GPS failures during NATO exercises

    The Norwegian Defense Minister, Frank Bakke-Jensen, announced that Norway received electronic evidence about Russia's interference with the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation during recent NATO exercises. He has demanded an explanation from Moscow, reports Voice of America.

    Norway and Finland suspected that Russia has interfered with the GPS signals before and during the exercises in November 2018. This interference also affected the navigation of civilian air traffic in the Arctic. …