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  • Germany considers it unlikely for Russia to return to the G8

    According to unnamed sources in a Der Spiegel report, the current format of the G7 is unlikely to be re-expanded to the G8 to include Russia, the Office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, stated, as reported by Deutsche Welle.

    "The G8 format is dead," the source in the agency said. Merkel's staff is skeptical that Moscow will be able to fulfill the conditions for their return to the Group of Eight.

    According to the journal's information, the US authorities are against the …

  • Berlin confirms its plan to send German soldiers to Lithuania

    On April 29th, after a meeting with the Prime Minister of Latvia, Māris Kučinskis, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, announced the involvement of the Bundeswehr in the policy of Russian containment along the eastern borders of NATO, Deutsche Welle reported.

    “I want to emphasize the fact that it is extremely important for us to operate within the NATO-Russia Agreement,” Merkel said. At the same time, she expressed her hope to intensify the dialogue between Russia and the Alliance.

    “We …

  • Russian Su-27 once again intercepts US spy plane

    A Russian Su-27 fighter has once again made a dangerous maneuver near an American spy plane in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. This was stated by the representatives of the US Department of Defense, CNN reported.

    CNN said that the Russian Su-27 performed an aerobatics barrel roll (360 degrees revolution around the longitudinal axis) about 30 meters from the American plane.

    According to Reuters, Pentagon spokesman Bill Urban said that such actions of the Russian fighter jet may …

  • Obama and Merkel: Sanctions against Russia should stay in force until the Minsk Agreements are fully implemented by Moscow

    US President Barack Obama said that he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have a common stance on sanctions against Russia because of its policy with regard to Ukraine: sanctions can only be lifted if Moscow fulfills the conditions of the Minsk Agreements. Obama said this on April 24th at a press conference in Hannover, after a meeting with Merkel as part of his 6-day trip abroad."Sanctions against Russia can and should be lifted only if Russia fulfills its commitments within the framework of …

  • Media: The US expects Germany to take a leading role in strengthening NATO’s eastern border

    The German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that the US expects greater participation from Germany in deterring Russian aggression in Europe. Washington insists that the Bundeswehr actively participate in the planned deployment of rotating NATO units on the eastern borders of the Alliance.

    The US expects Germany and the UK to deploy soldiers and military equipment to the Baltic States, Poland, and Romania, US President Barack Obama reportedly told the US National Security Council.

    Obama plans …

  • Kiev issues note of protest to Berlin over German politicians’ visit to Crimea

    The Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andrey Melnik, wrote on Twitter that Ukraine sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany protesting the visit of the Chairman of the youth wing of the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany party, Marcus Frohnmayer, and Alternative for Germany Member of the European Parliament, Marcus Pretzell.

    “We sent note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany because of illegal visit of German politicians to Crimea,” Melnik wrote.

    “The …

  • Media: The Russian mafia is working in the area of patient care in Germany

    Numerous cases of fraud in the outpatient treatment provided by companies created by immigrants from the former Soviet Union were recorded in Germany. Losses are estimated at approximately one billion euros per year.

    Outpatient services that provide care for the disabled in Germany, founded by immigrants from former Soviet countries, cheat social insurance of at least one billion euros per year. This information was published by Welt am Sonntag, on Sunday, April 17, and the Bavarian media …

  • German Intelligence: Russia is using Snowden to drive a wedge between the US and Europe

    According to the BND, Moscow used Edward Snowden to create turmoil between the United States and Western Europe. German intelligence services claim that the Kremlin uses every opportunity to discredit Germany.

    Russia is trying to use the well-known US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden to drive a wedge between Western Europe and the United States. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Federal Intelligence Service BND, Gerhard Schindler and the head of the Federal Office for the …

  • Bundestag deputy spoke of a 'Marshall Plan for Ukraine'

    Ukrainian authorities must carry out real reforms in the judiciary and the Prosecutor's Office to count on strong support from the West comparable to the Marshall Plan, as announced during a live broadcast from Berlin by Bundestag MP, Head of the German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Group, Karl-Georg Wellmann, during the program "Svoboda Slova" on the channel ICTV.

    "We are ready to help, and my proposal was to create something like the 'Marshall Plan'- providing more than 100 billion euros in …

  • Germany allocates nearly 1 billion euros to help those affected by the war in eastern Ukraine

    Besides providing assistance to those affected in eastern Ukraine, the money will be spent on training for local government representatives

    As was reported on the official website of the German Embassy in Kiev, the German Government will provide Ukraine with a 900,000 euro grant for psychological assistance for those affected by the war in eastern Ukraine.

    In 2016 and 2017 German authorities are ready to support the "Malta Assistance Service" to extend its humanitarian projects aimed at …