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  • Guaido speaks out against the presence of Russian warships in Venezuela

    Leader of Venezuela's National Assembly Juan Guaido spoke out against the possible presence of Russian warships in the Venezuelan territorial waters.

    "We did not approve the presence of Russian warships in the country, as it would be a serious violation of the country's sovereignty," said the leader of the opposition on the Union Radio.

    Guaido also believes that the current Venezuelan government is trying to demonstrate that it has international support by inviting foreign warships to the …

  • Pompeo: Maduro surrendered his power to Cubans and Russians

    Venezuela needs a leader who can fight corruption, who will not hand over power to the Cubans or request Russian intervention, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo while on a visit to Paraguay.

    “Maduro and his henchmen have destroyed this nation. The Venezuelan people can see that very plainly. It’s why they didn’t want him back. They gave power to the National Assembly, now Juan Guaido, in a way that will ultimately deliver true democracy and prosperity back to Venezuela. You know the …

  • US Special Representative predicts fall of Maduro regime within year

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will be removed from power or step down on his own accord within a year, said US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

    Abrams does not think the Venezuelan conflict has the potential to drag on or to transition to an active phase as happened in Syria. He also stressed that Washington was initially not expecting a rapid change of government in Venezuela, and is now waiting for the situation to unfold.

    “I highly doubt it [that Maduro will …

  • Russia and US start talks on future of Venezuela

    Russia and the US will soon start talks on the future of Venezuela, which for years has been suffering from a sever economic crisis, hyperinflation, and a shortage of basic necessities, and is now also facing a bitter political crisis.

    Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov arrived in Rome early this week to meet with the US Special Representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on 4 March that he is willing …

  • Russian oil conglomerate Rosneft threatens to sue Washington after US accuses it of buying Venezuelan oil

    Rosneft has responded to the accusations voiced by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the Russian company is buying oil from Venezuela in contravention of the sanctions. The response was published on the official Rosneft website.

    “Rosneft is assessing the consequences of the statements made by US officials, and if damage is identified, it will seek to protect its rights in accordance with the standards of international law,” the document states.

    The Russian oil company emphasizes that it …

  • Kremlin: the US will use any excuse to invade Venezuela

    Chairwoman of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matviyenko stated at a meeting with Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodríguez that the situation in Venezuela is yet another “test of strength” for those governments that previously organized coups in Iraq, Libya and other countries. She stated that the international community must not allow the legal government of Venezuela to be overthrown.

    “We are afraid that the United States could go for any provocation, so that blood could be …

  • Maduro receives humanitarian aid from Russia

    TASS reports that Venezuela accepted a shipment with medicine and medical equipment that was sent through the World Health Organization by Russia as humanitarian aid. 

    The cargo was handed over at the airport of Caracas by the Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemsky. According to him, humanitarian assistance to Venezuela will continue to be provided "in a civilized way through relevant international organizations". 

    Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Health, Gerardo Briceno, clarified …

  • Maduro awaits 300 tons of humanitarian aid from Russia

    On Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in his televised address to the nation, announced that the country expects arrival of 300 tons of humanitarian aid from Russia, reports Deutsche Welle.

    According to Maduro, humanitarian aid, including food and medicine, will arrive in Venezuela "legally" as early as February 20. The president said that the government in Caracas paid for these supplies “with dignity", adding that this humanitarian aid was provided by Russia, China, Turkey, other …

  • Russia believes US is planning to invade Venezuela

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a press conference that the US is working on scenarios to invade Venezuela, thereby violating the UN Charter.

    “Signals keep coming from Washington on the possibility of using a forceful scenario in order to overthrow the legitimate government, even through a military invasion,” she said, claiming that the White House has been speaking about this openly.

    Zakharova emphasized that such statements contravene article 2(4) of the UN …