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  • Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's international tour continues with unannounced visit to China amid controversial diplomatic moves

    A plane commonly used by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for international visits is currently over Russian airspace and is set to land in China on the morning of July 8th.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has already visited Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan, and is now en route to China. According to the Hungarian news outlet, Orban will arrive in the People’s Republic of China at dawn on Monday, July 8th.

    The Hungarian government has yet to provide any details about the …

  • Ukraine condemns Hungarian Prime Minister's ‘peace mission’ to Moscow following Kyiv visit

    Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has responded to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's trip to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. This visit by the Hungarian leader came almost immediately after his trip to Kyiv and on the fifth day after Hungary assumed the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

    The Ministry notes that the decision to make this trip was taken by the Hungarian side without prior consultation or coordination with Ukraine. The principle of "no …

  • Hungarian PM Orban's unannounced Moscow visit raises EU concerns

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has arrived in Moscow. His plane landed at Vnukovo Airport. Russian news agency Interfax has released video footage of the Hungarian premier's motorcade heading towards the Kremlin.

    According to Interfax, Orban's visit aims to hold talks with Vladimir Putin as part of a "peace mission" to address the conflict in Ukraine.

    Neither Hungary nor Russia had previously announced the planned visit officially.

    The European Union, commenting on Orban’s unannounced …

  • Hungary pressures Ukraine to recognize entire Transcarpathia as 'Traditionally Hungarian'

    The Hungarian government demands that Ukraine recognise the entire territory of Transcarpathia, even areas where ethnic Hungarians have never lived, as "traditionally Hungarian" territory, according to an article by Evropeyska Pravda. This demand is one of 11 points that Ukraine received in January 2024 from Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, which had not been disclosed publicly until now. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán agreed to support the start of Ukraine's EU membership …

  • Hungary lifts veto on Ukraine’s EU negotiation framework after securing minority rights demands

    Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has disclosed that the country agreed to lift its veto on the EU negotiation framework for Ukraine and Moldova’s membership because all Hungarian conditions have been included in the negotiation document for Kyiv. In a Facebook post, he emphasized that Budapest insists on the restoration of the rights of national minorities in Ukraine.

    According to Szijjártó, some EU member states did not even want to hear about Hungary’s conditions. However, …

  • Stoltenberg and Orban strike 'fair deal' over NATO missions in Ukraine

    Hungary opposes NATO missions in Ukraine and refuses to assist in this effort. However, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban assured, official Budapest will not "put obstacles in the way."

    Officially, Hungary has declined to participate in the North Atlantic Alliance's assistance programs for Ukraine, but it will not prevent other allies from providing support to Kyiv. This was stated by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg after talks in Budapest, according to Russian Interfax.

    "Hungary will …

  • Hungarian PM Orban and Russia's president Putin discuss energy cooperation and peace efforts in Beijing

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Russian president Vladimir Putin held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the "One Belt, One Road" forum in Beijing, reports the press service of the Hungarian government.

    It is noted that Putin and Orban discussed Hungarian-Russian cooperation in gas and oil transportation, as well as nuclear energy.

    "At the meeting, Viktor Orban emphasized the importance of peace," said Bertalan Havasi, the speaker for the Hungarian prime minister.

    He explained …

  • Austria and Hungary have agreed to not provide military assistance to Ukraine

    The defense ministers of Austria and Hungary, Klaudia Tanner and Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky, said that their countries will continue to adhere to the policy of refusing military assistance to Ukraine.

    "The position of Austria and Hungary on the war in Ukraine is clear, as both countries do not send weapons to the conflict zone," they said at a joint press conference after a meeting in Budapest.

    Austria and Hungary explain their position by the desire to "prevent further escalation." At the …

  • Hungarian Prime Minister Orban: War in Ukraine will end when the U.S. stops supplying weapons to Kyiv

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes that Ukraine can fight as long as the United States supports it with weapons and money.

    In a Christmas interview with the newspaper Magyar Nemzet, Orban noted that this year was the most dangerous in the last thirty years. According to him, Hungary faces the risk of being involved in the war in Ukraine, and rising energy prices are also pushing the country in a dangerous direction.

    According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, a ceasefire is …

  • Hungary suddenly freezes millions of euros of Russian assets

    The Hungarian authorities unexpectedly froze Russian assets worth hundreds of millions of euros. The amount of 870 million euros as of the end of November have been frozen by Budapest. This is a very significant amount even compared to other European countries, reports the newspaper Nepszava.

    These numbers are even more striking, given the fact that the in the November EU report it was mentioned that only 3 thousand euros of Russian assets were frozen by Hungary.

    The newspaper notes that …