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  • Iceland announces diplomatic boycott of 2018 World Cup in Russia

    Iceland has declared a diplomatic boycott against the World Cup, which will take place in Russia in summer 2018.

    A statement on the boycott was released by the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

    "Iceland stands in solidarity with UK over the Salisbury attack, [and is] taking diplomatic measures against Russia. High-level bilateral dialogue with Russia [has been] postponed, resulting in Icelandic leaders not attending the FIFA World Cup. We urge Russia to cooperate with the …

  • Russian Tu-22 bombers fly close to passenger plane near Iceland

    Two Russian Tu-22 M bombers were spotted flying near a passenger plane, which was travelling from Reykjavík to Stockholm. This was reported by the Morgunblaðsins newspaper.

    The incident occurred on Thursday over Iceland's air control zone, which is near the border of Norway’s air control zone.

    The bombers, which are capable of carrying nuclear missiles and flying at supersonic speed, were flying with their transponders switched off. In addition, they did not provide a flight plan. Based on …