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  • Russia and the West: a new Cold War?

    Many experts believe that this week’s announcement that Russia will station three new divisions along the western border is one step closer to a new Cold War. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that the strengthening of the country’s western flank is “the most important task” for the Russian army in the coming year. The announcement is a chain in a series of events that is reminiscent of what many hoped would be a bygone era.

    Shoigu’s words come amidst Tallinn's call to create …

  • Russians continue to buy real estate in Turkey

    Citizens of Russia continue to buy real estate in Turkey, despite the recent crisis in relations between the two countries following the incident in which a Russian plane that was shot down for violating Turkish airspace. Last year, real estate sales to Russians totaled $398 million  worth of property.

    Fatih Elibol, senior manager at the international real estate investment consultancy Realty-TR, noted in an interview with an AA reporter that Russians continue to buy property in Turkey despite …

  • Chizov: 2015 was difficult year in relations with Europe

    The Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU, Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov, said that the real causes of the difficulties in relations between Russia and the EU lie in geopolitics.

    According to Chizov, formal relations with the European Union have been continuing for 26 years, but this year was "perhaps the most difficult." In his opinion, the relations of the countries "have become hostages of the West's interests.” Formally, the ongoing difficulties are part of the "Ukrainian crisis" but …