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  • The Seimas of Lithuania proposed taking the Kaliningrad region from Russia

    Linas Balsys, the former press secretary of the Lithuanian President, has become a member of the Seimas and has suggested that the issue of Kaliningrad be raised again, as he stated on 20 January during the conference “The World in 2017” in Vilnius, writes.

    According to a parliamentarian, Kaliningrad was not given to Russia forever. Now Lithuania or the leadership of the European Union should address its return, or it should be done as a joint effort.

    “During talks in both …

  • Peskov: Russia will not withdraw Iskanders from Kaliningrad until Europe's plan for anti-Russian missile system is cancelled

    The Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, stated in his interview with BBC TV that Moscow will not withdraw its Iskander missile systems from Kaliningrad for as long as there are missile systems in Europe targeted against Russia.

    “It is a very difficult issue. We can’t just withdraw these missile systems from Kaliningrad without knowing that plans to create anti-Russian missile systems on the European continent will be cancelled,” Peskov said. Last year, …

  • US, Swedish and German aircraft conducted reconnaissance missions near Russia's borders

    According to websites that track the flights of military aircraft , planes of the U.S. Air Force, Swedish Air Force and the German Navy conducted reconnaissance missions near the sea borders of the Kaliningrad region on January 18, as reported by Russia’s Interfax news agency.

    According to their information, an RC-135W strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force with tail number 62-4138 and call sign LAVIC45, took off from an air base in Mildenhall, UK. It approached the coast of …

  • US air force aircraft conducted reconnaissance near Russia's Kaliningrad region

    A strategic U.S. Air Force RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft approached Russian borders in the southern Baltic on Monday afternoon to carry out operative tasks, Interfax reported, citing western aviation websites that monitor the movement of military aviation

    According to their information, the aircraft took off from the Mildenhall airbase in Great Britain, and carried out reconnaissance for an extended period of time along the border of the Kaliningrad region, circling in an elongated ellipse …

  • Lithuania called the militarization of Kaliningrad a challenge for NATO

    The Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevičius, said in an interview with The Times that he considers the Russian military build-up in Kaliningrad a challenge for NATO. 

    Particularly, Linkevičius called on NATO to stop "Russian military hooliganism” stating that “the military build-up in Kaliningrad is a challenge for NATO."

    Earlier, Lithuania stated that Russia is trying to limit the arrival of NATO allied ships to the Baltic States with the help of the new coastal missile complexes in …

  • NATO was aware of Russia’s plans to deploy Iskander missile systems to Kaliningrad

    NATO knew even before 2012 that Russia was planning to deploy Iskander missile systems to Kaliningrad because the previous-generation Tochka missile systems had become obsolete. However, Moscow is now describing the deployment of the missile systems as a response to the expansion of the alliance.

    Russia deployed the Iskander missile systems to Kaliningrad last month. The official representative from NATO negatively assessed the deployment of the Russian missile systems, stated the vice …

  • Russia deploys 'Bastion' coastal missile complex to the Kaliningrad region

    The Kaliningrad special district division troops have been strengthened with the “Bastion” coastal missile complex, as reported by Russia's Interfax news agency citing a source familiar with the situation. The source stated that the Bastion complex was received by the Baltic Fleet’s missile unit.On November 19, the press-service of the Baltic Fleet reported that the missile units of the fleet "are conducting the preparation of the infrastructure and scheduled rearmament of the new onshore and …

  • Russia declares that Iskander missiles will be permanently stationed in Kaliningrad

    Russia will deploy Iskander missile systems as well as S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft systems in Kaliningrad district, according to the chairman of the Federation Council Defence and Security Committee, Victor Ozerov, as reported by Russia’s RIA news agency.

    According to Ozerov, Russia is strengthening its air defense capability on its western border in response to deployment of the American anti-aircraft system in Europe.

    “We have to strengthen our system of air defense in this direction, bring …

  • NATO troops will be deployed 70 km from Russia's Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad

    In January 2017, divisions and equipment of NATO’s Armored Brigade Combat Team will be deployed to Poland, Radio Poland reported. Initially, they will be deployed in the territory of western Poland between cities of Drawsko Pomorskie and Żagań. Afterwards, its other divisions will be deployed in other regions of the country.

    In April 2017, the U.S. NATO battalion will be deployed to the testing ground in Orzysz, which is located a distance of 70 kilometers from the border with Kaliningrad.

    In …

  • U.S. and Swedish reconnaissance aircraft fly over Russian Kaliningrad and Crimea

    On Friday, a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft flew over the Black Sea near the coast of the Crimea and a Swedish Gulfsteam 4 signals intelligence aircraft flew over Russia’s Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad, Interfax reported.

    According to websites that track the movement of military aircraft, the U.S. P-8A with tail number 168 761 took off from the Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily and flew over the southern coast of the Crimea.

    The Swedish Air Force’s Gulfstream 4 with …