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  • Kremlin: the West can convince Zelensky to negotiate with Putin

    The Kremlin welcomes any peacemaking efforts aimed at resolving the situation in Ukraine and does not mind that Western politicians "lure" Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the negotiating table, said at a briefing the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov.

    "You know, President Putin has repeatedly said that we are always happy to welcome any efforts in terms of peacekeeping and support such efforts. As for luring someone, it is better to lure President Zelensky …

  • Media: Putin concerned about growing alcohol abuse among Russian elite

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is concerned about the increasing alcohol abuse among his "inner circle" and the top leadership of the Russian Federation, reports Meduza, citing several sources close to the presidential administration.

    According to two sources, Putin began to pay special attention to the problem of alcohol abuse, because Russian officials began to drink alcohol much more often and more amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. The Russian President is particularly concerned about the …

  • Kremlin: Russia lost access to 50 percent of its foreign exchange reserves

    Due to sanctions, Russia can not use almost half of its gold and foreign exchange reserves, about $ 300 billion, said the Russian Finance Minister, said Anton Siluanov on air of TV Channel Russia 1.

    "That's about half of the reserve we had. We have about $640 billion in total. About $300 billion of the reserve is now in such a state that we cannot use it," Siluanov said.

    He noted that Russia holds a part of the gold and foreign exchange reserves in yuan. Because of this, the West is trying to …

  • Kremlin admits Russia is not ready to lose access to foreign software

    U.S. threats to impose tough technology sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine with a ban on the supply of chips and a possible disconnection from foreign software cause concern among the Russian authorities.

    The newspaper Kommersant reports, citing sources in the Russian government and in the IT market, that the Russian Cabinet of Ministers is working on possible scenarios in the event that the supply of microelectronics to Russia is stopped, and Russian companies lose …

  • Kremlin threatens to retaliate if assets of Russian oligarchs in UK are seized

    Statements by the British authorities about plans to confiscate the London real estate of pro-Kremlin oligarchs cause concern and will not go unanswered, warned Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    According to him, threats made by the British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, are a direct attack on business and demonstrate the "considerable unpredictability of London", which worries not only the Kremlin, but the entire European community.

    "These are very disturbing statements. The Anglo- …

  • Russia fines Google $98 million

    The Russian authorities continue the campaign of pressure on foreign Internet companies amid plans to move to a "sovereign internet" with censorship and control over internet traffic.

    On Friday, December 24, the Moscow Tagansky District court imposed a fine of 7.2 billion rubles ($98 million) on Google for not deleting content prohibited in Russia.

    "By the decision of the judge of the Tagansky judicial district N422 of Moscow, Google LLC was found guilty of committing an administrative …

  • Kremlin will allow Russians to use messenger apps only after registering with their passports

    Russian citizens will be able to use Internet messengers only after passing identification, including providing their passport data, according to the government decree N 1801 which was signed by the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

    The document, dated October 20, comes into force on March 1, 2022 and is valid for six years.

    It requires that the "organizer of the instant messaging service" when registering a user would conduct identification "by reliably establishing information about …

  • Kremlin: Russia may abandon euro if it is used as ‘instrument of pressure’

    Russia, following its de-dollarization policy, may announce a policy of abandoning the euro if the European authorities begin to use their currency as an instrument of pressure, as the United States does, said in an interview with Interfax Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin.

    So far, according to Pankin, there are no reasons for this. Russia does not face problems in euro settlements, and the replacement of the European currency with another one only for political reasons is "economically …

  • Kremlin warns of ‘decisive steps’ if Ukraine joins NATO

    Ukraine's membership in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) would be the worst-case scenario, it could force Russia to "take decisive steps" to ensure its own security, said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov in an interview for the documentary "Vladimir Putin: the master of the game" of TV channel France 5.

    "Ukraine's membership in NATO would be the worst-case scenario. This is a scenario that goes beyond the "red lines" of Russia's national interests. This is the …

  • Number of scientists in Russia falls to a multi-year low

    Russia continues to lose research scientists, reducing scientific personnel, contrary to the announced plans to make a technological "breakthrough".

    At the end of 2020, the number of people employed in the field of scientific research and development fell by another 3.2 thousand and amounted to 679.3 thousand - about 1% of the average working population.

    The number of scientists-researchers fell by 1.7 thousand people. And their total number - 346.5 thousand - was the lowest in at least the …