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  • Kremlin calls Kyiv's proposal to dissolve DPR and LPR 'unexpected'

    The Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called Kyiv's proposal to dissolve the self-proclaimed republics of the Donbas (Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics) "very unexpected." According to him, these are some "new inputs" for Moscow, as well as for Berlin and Paris, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

    After a meeting of a Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine in Minsk, the Press Secretary of the Kyiv's representative, Darka Olifer, stated that Ukraine is ready to fulfill its …

  • Kremlin announces launch of program to study Putinism

    Russia is heading rapidly towards the Central Asian forms of state governance.

    Now that books of Putin quotes (“Thus said Putin”, “100 and 1 quotes of V. V. Putin”) are available in bookstores throughout Russia, Putinism could also obtain the status of ideology and research direction, just like Marxism-Leninism and Maoism.

    According to RBC news agency, Actual Comments, a publication founded by the pro-Kremlin Political Environment Center, has announced the launch of a series examining …

  • Russia to require passports to use email

    A group of Russian senators led by Andrey Klishas, author of the law “On sovereign internet”, has proposed a series of amendments with stricter rules for accessing the internet.

    According to the documents published on the State Duma’s website, as of January 1, 2020, email users within Russia will have to identify themselves.

    Email services will be considered equivalent to messenger services, which similar rules have applied to since 2017: Users must identify themselves using a telephone …

  • The Kremlin rejects idea of the US joining Normandy format talks

    The Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia does not support the idea of the US participation in the Normandy Four negotiations to resolve the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, reports Radio Liberty. Peskov also noted that the United States could use its influence on Ukraine.

    Peskov’s comment was a response to the statement of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who earlier said that it would be hard to find a solution to the Ukrainian conflict without the …

  • Putin's Press Secretary: Kremlin cannot guarantee withdrawal of troops in Donbas

    Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has some influence on the militants in the Donbas, but cannot ensure the withdrawal of troops, reports TASS.

    "We are talking about the settlement within the Ukrainian conflict. The Kremlin, of course, has some influence on the "Republics" of the Donbas, but as you know, the "Republics" of the Donbas are independent entities in the conflict settlement," said Peskov.

    Also, the Kremlin continues to claim that Russia "is not …

  • Kremlin conducts inspection of tanks, troops and S-400 missile systems in western Russia

    A comprehensive final inspection of troops for the summer training period has begun in Russia’s Western Military District (WMD). Several armies and the Baltic Fleet will participate in the inspection, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on its website.

    The inspection, led by WMD Commander Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev, will affect 26 regions where military divisions are stationed within the district.

    The ministry states that during the inspection in the Leningrad province, the …

  • Russian lawmakers admit that 2018 GDP growth figures were falsified

    No confirmation can be found for the 6-year record economic growth reported by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat) last year, said Andrey Makarov, head of the State Duma taxes and budget committee, during a session of parliament on Friday.

    Instead of a 2.3% GDP growth, a figure that Rosstat plucked “like a rabbit from a hat”, Makarov said that three weeks after a change of management “completely different figures” are being arrived at.

    He …

  • Kremlin to sacrifice economy for the sake of larger military budget

    The Russian Finance Ministry has published a draft federal budget for 2020-2022 in which it has further increased financing for the security forces and reduced the budget for the economy, education and regional assistance.

    According to the document and its appendices, which have been uploaded onto the official legal information portal, the Russian government plans to spend $302 billion out of its expected $315 billion in revenue.

    Overall, the government will spend $5.65 billion (1.9%) more …

  • Russia to strip Deutsche Welle’s accreditation due to ‘extremism’

    The State Duma commission for interference in Russia’s affairs will ask the Foreign Ministry to consider stripping Deutsche Welle (DW) of its accreditation, said the head of the commission, Vasily Piskarev, as cited by the Russian State Duma website.

    The commission believes that DW has broken a number of Russian laws by tweeting “calls to participate in unsanctioned protests”, and claims that the parliamentarians’ opinions are supported by a linguistic analysis. DW itself explained previously …

  • Russia starts installing equipment to isolate internet

    Russia’s federal communications censorship agency,Roskomnadzor, has begun installing equipment to implement the law “On a sovereign internet”, which will come into force partially on November 1 this year and completely in 2021.

    Devices to “block network security threats” are currently being installed on the networks of the primary telecommunications operators, Roskomnadzor head Aleksandr Zharov told the TASS news agency.

    Testing will start at the end of September and continue for several …