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  • Kyiv: almost 300 prisoners have been transferred to Ukraine from Crimea and Donbas

    The Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Justice, Denys Chernyshov, announced that 286 prisoners were transferred from the penitentiary institutions in the uncontrolled regions of Donbas and the annexed Crimea to serve their sentence in Ukraine's controlled territories, reported Ukrinform .

    “The majority of the convicts, 199 people, were transferred from the so-called DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and 12 persons were transferred from the Crimea. Last year and in February of this year, there were …

  • Israel and Ukrainian Security Service coordinate joint drug bust

    Amos Dov Silver, founder of the Israeli cannabis distribution network Telegrass, was arrested in Kyiv on Tuesday, announced Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lion.

    At the same time, 42 members of the criminal organization were arrested in Israel.

    The operation was jointly coordinated by the Israel Police and the Security Service of Ukraine’s directorate for fighting organized crime and corruption.

    “The embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine takes this opportunity to sincerely thank our …

  • Kyiv: Russia completes formation of strike forces near Ukrainian borders

    The Chief of the General Staff and the commanding officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko, has announced that Russia is completing the formation of its strike forces on the border with Ukraine, which together with special-operations military units will form the basis of the invasion forces, Interfax reports.

    "In the current geopolitical realities, we predict military threats from three out of four directions: north, east and south. Russia is completing the formation of the …

  • Italian Embassy in Ukraine still investigating reports about Italian equipment in Crimea

    The Italian Embassy in Ukraine is continuing to investigate the reports of shipments of Italian-produced equipment to the Zolotaya Balka factory in Russian-annexed Crimea, said Italian Ambassador Davide La Cecilia while giving a presentation on Ukraine-Italy relations in Kyiv, Krym.Realii reports.

    “We are currently trying, through the ministry, to obtain information in order to find out what actually happened, because there are mechanisms for contravening sanctions. And when we clear up the …

  • Kyiv: Russian military cadets ‘undergo practice’ in Donbas

    The spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Maxim Prauta stated at a press conference, with reference to data provided by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, that the reason for the increase of the frequency of shillings in the Donbas is the arrival of Russia cadets from military academies for field testing.

    “One of the reasons why shelling in the Donbas has intensified is due to the cadets who undergo training and combat shooting tests after finishing higher education …

  • Russia confirms signing agreement with Ukraine on fishing in the Sea of Azov

    The Russian State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine reported that Russia signed the Russian-Ukrainian commission agreement on fisheries in the Sea of Azov and the coordination of catch limits.

    "The 30th Russian-Ukrainian commission session agreement on fisheries in the Sea of Azov was signed in February this year. The agreements were reached in the interests of both states," said the report.

    As noted in the press release, the commission determined the limits on catching of aquatic bioresources …

  • The United States asks Ukraine to extradite an individual accused of fraud with American aid for Syria

    According to court submissions, the United States asks Ukraine to extradite Ernest Khalilov, a citizen of Turkmenistan, who was detained on suspicion of theft while delivering humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey, Ukrainski Novyny reported.

    Khalilov was detained by Ukrainian law enforcement officers at the end of October 2018 at the airport Borispol (Kyiv) when boarding the flight Kyiv – Istanbul. He was detained as a result Interpol warrant which was initiated by the United States. …

  • UN monitoring mission finds human rights violations in the Crimea

    On Wednesday, at the international Forum in Kyiv, Fiona Frazer, the Head of the UN Human Rights Mission to Ukraine stated that efforts are being made to suppress dissent or critical views on the peninsula, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

    "The trend that we have seen over the last few years shows that there are actions aimed at suppressing any dissent and critical views on the peninsula,” Frazer said. She noted that the right to worship is restricted in the Crimea, especially concerning Crimean …

  • Head of EU Delegation to Kyiv: Ukraine is the biggest target of Russian disinformation

    The head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli stated at the conference in Kyiv that Ukraine is the largest target of Russian disinformation and that this activity would increase due to the presidential election, Interfax reports.

    The EU Ambassador emphasized that Ukraine is “a battlefield for information warfare.” He stated that he believes that it creates misperceptions of Ukraine in the West. “You pay a very high price for a bad image formed in Western Europe.” 

    “Soon, the …

  • Poroshenko accuses Russia of cyber attacks on the Central Election Commission of Ukraine

    The Russian Federation carried out DdoS attacks on the Central Election Commission (CEC) on February 24 and 25, said Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday during a meeting with representatives of the IT sector in Kyiv, Interfax Ukraine reported.

    “The Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council has developed protection mechanisms together with department for information security of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Cyber Security Police of the CEC jointly with our American …