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  • Lithuanian Foreign Minister urges EU to find creative solutions to support Ukraine

    Ahead of an EU foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called on allies to devise a creative solution to support Ukraine.

    "Although I am heading to another Council meeting today, I do not believe it should be business as usual. We have to recognize that there is nothing normal about the situation Europe finds itself in, and if we fail to acknowledge this fact, we may end up in even worse circumstances, with the most immediate concerns …

  • Lithuanian Foreign Minister accuses Germany of fearing consequences of a Russian defeat

    Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis indirectly accused Berlin of being afraid of putting Russia on the brink of defeat in Ukraine. "I think the most important thing we should discuss is fear,”  he said on Monday, January 23, at a meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Brussels. "We must overcome the fear of defeating Russia when it comes to additional sanctions or additional military assistance to Ukraine."

    Landsbergis stressed that the Europeans are deterred from strengthening …