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  • Latvian military claims Russian ship was spotted near the country's border

    Latvian National Armed Forces (NBS) stated that the Russian warship was seen near the country’s border on Sunday.

    "On June 16 Latvian Naval Forces identified the frigate Admiral Kasatonov (of Admiral Gorshkov-class) with the Board number 431 that belongs to the Russian Armed forces in the Latvian exclusive economic zone, in the distance of 18.5 nautical miles from the territorial waters, " — reports a statement of NBS on Twitter.

    Latvian authorities often detect Russian warships near their …

  • Latvian government to evaluate plan to mobilize the army

    On Tuesday, June 11, the Government of Latvia seeks to approve a plan for mobilizing the National Armed Forces (NAF). LETA news agency reports, citing the country’s Ministry of Defense, according to the law, the government approves the military-drafted plan for mobilizing the NAF every year.

    The mobilization plan is drawn up in case of exceptional circumstances or war. It explains how to have the NAF at partial or full combat readiness as well as establishes the leadership, duties, order and …

  • Latvia sends more than 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbas

    A Latvian delegation, together with Latvian Ambassador to Ukraine Juris Poikans, has provided more than 20 tons of humanitarian cargo for citizens residing near the demarcation line in the Donetsk region, the local Donetsk administration reported.

    The Latvian ambassador noted that this is the twelfth batch of humanitarian cargo that has been sent directly to the Donetsk region.

    “This time we brought clothes, shoes and toys, which will be taken by the National Guard of Ukraine to Avdiivka and …

  • Latvia recognizes deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 as genocide

    Latvian Parliament (the Saeima) published a statement dedicated to the anniversary of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944,  recognizing it as an act of genocide, reported the news agency Delfi.

    The statement of the Latvian Saeima says that the Soviet authorities carried out genocide against many peoples and ethnic groups, in particular, against the Crimean Tatars, to "move them out from their homeland." Also, the Parliament recalled that five years ago Russia annexed Crimea.

    "Those …

  • Russian warships approach Latvian border

    Three ships belonging to the Russian Navy entered Latvia’s exclusive economic zone, reported Interfax citing news agency, BNS. The National Armed Forces of Latvia told the agency that the frigate Boikiy, the corvette Passat and the landing ship Minsk were sighted 12 nautical miles away from the border of the country. The ships are part of the Russian Navy.

    The area of the sea they are in is part of Latvia’s exclusive economic zone. The Latvian Ministry of Defense noted that over the past four …

  • Most Latvian parties support sanctions against Russia

    The majority of Latvian parties running in the European Parliament elections are in favor of maintaining the sanctions on Russia, according to a survey conducted by the LETA news agency.

    The parties New Unity, the Union of Greens and Farmers, the Progressives, the Latvian Association of Regions, Who Owns the State, and “Development/For!” believe that “the sanctions must be maintained in the current form and amendments to them can be made depending on changes for the better or the worse in …

  • Latvia: Soviet Union’s deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 was genocide

    The foreign affairs commission of Latvia’s parliament, the Saeima, has given its support to a report by the Foreign Ministry which considers the Soviet Union’s deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 a genocide, TV-net reports.

    In addition, the commission has ratified a draft statement by Janis Dombrava, a member of the right-wing National Alliance, that “the USSR in the 20th century deliberately carried out a genocide against all the peoples and ethnic groups residing in the occupied …

  • The United States and Lithuania sign a five-year plan for military cooperation

    The United States and Lithuania approved a plan of cooperation in the field of defence for the period up to 2024, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Pentagon press service.

    This plan involves joint actions in the field of security of the Baltic region, joint exercises, sharing intelligence and improving the early warning capabilities of threats in the region.

    The US is planning to conclude similar agreements with Estonia and Latvia. As stated by the Pentagon, since 2014, the United …

  • Latvia shuts down Russian Crimea annexation exhibition

    After an objection by the Ukrainian Embassy in Latvia, an exhibition on the fifth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea organized by the Russian Consulate General in Daugavpils has been shut down, the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reports, citing the Ukrainian Embassy in Riga.

    “The Ukrainian Embassy expresses its gratitude to the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its objective appraisal and rapid response to the situation with the provocative exhibition by the Russian Consulate …

  • Kremlin: NATO is redeploying troops to the borders with Russia

    NATO is returning to the transatlantic redeployment of troops to Europe that existed during the Cold War in order to strengthen the coalition forces on the border with Russia, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Mikhail Popov said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

     “The system of transatlantic reinforcement forces from the United States and Canada to Europe that existed during the years of the Cold War is being reanimated for the deployment of large coalition …