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  • OSCE drone detects latest Russian electronic warfare systems in Donbas

    In the regions of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces not controlled by Ukraine, observers from the OSCE mission have detected dozens of tanks and artillery systems deployed outside the set withdrawal areas, as well as anti-air defense systems and the latest Russian electronic warfare systems, reported Ukraine’s Joint Center for Control and Coordination of ceasefire in the Donbas (JCCC) .

    On August 9, an OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) drone detected as many as 30 tanks belonging to the …

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces gain control of another town in the Donbas

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine took over the town of Katerynivka in the Luhansk region from the pro-Russian separatists, as stated by a volunteer, Yuriy Mysyagin, on his Facebook page.   

    “Some time ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did everything peacefully and quietly. Residents of the town returned to Ukraine again. There were no violations. This is all ours according to the Minsk Agreements,” he said.

    The volunteer specified that earlier, the forefront of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the …

  • Russian political scientist detained at Berlin airport, refused entry into EU

    Russian political scientist Oleg Bondarenko has been refused entry into the EU. He was detained at the airport in Berlin, and claimed that he had been prevented from entering the territory of the European Union at the request of Poland, TASS reports.

    "At the request of Poland, I have been forbidden to enter the territory of the EU, without explanation. The ban lasts 3 years," he said.

    According to Bondarenko, he flew to Berlin at the invitation of the German Left Party to participate in a …

  • Military expert: change of power in separatist LPR is a result of internal struggle between Russian special services and Russian military

    The removal of so-called head of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR), Igor Plotnisky, from his position is the result of internecine power struggles between Russian proxies in the separatist-controlled Donbas. Recent events in the LPR indicate that Russian military won in a confrontation with Russian security services, military expert Oleg Zhdanov told Apostrof news agency.   

    The events in Luhansk are actually inner fight among the Russian special services. Most likely, Russia wants to create …

  • SBU: mercenaries of Wagner private military company arrived in Luhansk from Russia

    The Security Service of Ukraine reported that additional forces from the private military company Wagner arrived at the separatist-controlled territory of the Luhansk region. The website of the SBU states that they came to support the separatist Igor Kornet, after the conflict between him and former head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky which resulted in Plotnitsky fleeing to Russia.

    The special service reported that in 2015, Kornet and the head of the Wagner private military company under the …

  • Amid the rising tensions in LPR, all cash has been taken out of separatist republic

    There is no longer any cash in banks and ATM machines in Luhansk, said Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, the Speaker of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

    According to Motuzyanyk, pensioners who spoke with the employees of financial institutions are told that there will be no cash until the end of the year.

    "In the occupied territories, the living conditions of the local population are deteriorating. There is no more cash in banks and ATMs in Luhansk. According to preliminary information, all …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: events in Luhansk is a dispute between the special services of the Russian Federation

    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin believes that recent events in separatist-controlled Luhansk are not just a conflict between the leaders of the LPR but a dispute between Russian special services, reports Censor.NET.

    "It's not only an internal dispute between these gangs; it's also a dispute between the relevant Russian special services. This very clearly proves that Russia controls everything in there. This is another argument for international cooperation," Klimkin said. …

  • Ukraine: Luhansk airport was destroyed by Tochka tactical missiles launched from Russian territory

    Luhansk airport was destroyed in 2014 as a result of shelling by Tochka tactical missiles launched from Russian territory, said Deputy Minister of Justice and Commissioner for European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Ivan Lishchyna in an interview with the newspaper Fakty.

    Lishchyna said that the Ministry of Justice continues to gather evidence of Russia's participation in the fighting in the Donbas as part of its ECHR case. In particular, they were able to establish proof of the shelling of …

  • Ukraine intends to stop water supply to separatist-controlled areas of Luhansk region

    The Luhansk Energy Association (LEA) is preparing to shut down the Zapadna (Western) filtering station, which supplies water to the separatist-held territories of the Luhansk region, as announced by the Director General of the LEA, Volodymyr Hrytsay, Hromadske Radio reports.

    "Permission from the Ukrainian National Power Company, UkrEnergo is needed to disconnection this facility. We have been requesting permission from UkrEnergo for a year and have not received any response. Today, the debt …

  • Ukrainian President Poroshenko says he was nearly killed in the Luhansk region in 2014

    President Petro Poroshenko said that border guards saved his life while he was in the Luhansk region in the spring of 2014.

    "Even during my presidential campaign, when I was in Luhansk, just 200 meters from the seized Security Service building at [the] Izvarino and Dovzhansky [checkpoints], in fact, I can say that the border guards, border intelligence simply saved my life,” Poroshenko said during a meeting with border guards in the Kyiv oblast.

    The night after his victory in the presidential …