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  • 31-year-old man beaten by Lukashenko’s security forces dies in Minsk

    31-year-old Roman Bondarenko died in Minsk after he was beaten by security forces, reports TUT. BY.

    On the night of November 12, Roman was taken to the intensive care unit of the Emergency Care Hospital. The doctors operated on him for several hours but could not save him. His sister Olga said that when her mother went to the hospital, she was briefly allowed to see him in intensive care.

    Roman was in a coma, connected to several devices, covered in bruises and bandages. At 19:00 the man's …

  • First Belarusian nuclear power plant suspends electricity production due to technical problems

    Electricity production at the Belarusian nuclear power plant has been temporarily suspended due to problems with the equipment, reports the Russian news agency Interfax.

    "Electricity is not being generated at the Belarusian nuclear power plant at the moment. The day before, the Energy Ministry reported that (to restore electricity generation) it is necessary to replace certain equipment,” said the representative of the Belarusian Energy Ministry.

    He could not give the expected dates for the …

  • More than 1000 protesters detained in Belarus on Sunday

    On Sunday, November 8, more than a thousand people were detained at peaceful protests in Belarus.

    According to the human rights center Viasna, among 1,023 detainees are journalists, athletes, actors, scientists and cultural figures.

    Protesters were detained not only in Minsk, but also in Gomel, Bobruisk, Vitebsk and Grodno.

    Most of them were taken to district police stations. Some were transferred to the pre-trial detention center, some were released.

    Yesterday, the media reported on the …

  • EU imposes sanctions against Lukashenko and his eldest son

    On Friday, November 6, the European Union imposed sanctions against the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

    Lukashenko " is responsible for the violent repression by the State apparatus carried out before and after the 2020 presidential election, in particular with the dismissal of key opposition candidates, arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment of peaceful demonstrators as well as intimidation and violence against journalists," the EU statement reads.

    The updated sanctions …

  • Lukashenko: doctors leaving Belarus will not be allowed back

    Belarusian doctors who have left for work abroad will no longer be able to come back, said the acting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on COVID-19 pandemic, BelTA news agency reports.

    "They are specifically asking our doctors to come to Poland to help the population and the government in the fight against the COVID. I want to warn you that we don't have any extra doctors. We need to treat our people ourselves. But, following our principle, we will not keep anyone. However, …

  • Lukashenko asks Putin to sell him an oil field in Russia

    During a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the incumbent president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko expressed interest in buying an oil field in the Russian Federation.

    According to Lukashenko's press service, Putin supported this idea, but suggested discussing the details of the deal during next conversations.

    In addition to oil, the parties talked about the COVID-19 pandemic, including setting up the production line for the Russian vaccine in Belarus. Lukashenko and …

  • EU countries agree to impose sanctions against Lukashenko

    Permanent representatives of the EU member states approved additional sanctions against the Belarusian authorities, including President Alexander Lukashenko, reported TASS citing a source in the delegation of one of the European countries in the Council of the EU.

    According to the diplomat, this decision will be approved by the Council of the EU in the coming days and published in the Official Journal of the European Union, after which it will come into force.

    In October, EU foreign ministers …

  • Minsk: 13,000 Belarusians left for Poland and Ukraine

    In the past two months, 13,000 people have left Belarus for Poland and Ukraine, the Belarusian Interior Ministry said. "Poland accounts for the largest number - 10,000 people. Latvia and Lithuania - much less - no more than 500 people have left for these two countries," said the head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Belarusian Interior Ministry Alexey Begun. He also said that during the same period about 3,000 people left for Ukraine.

    Begun did not agree that the mass …

  • Tikhanovskaya promises economic support for those who will join general strike in Belarus

    Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya named guarantees for those who will support the general strike which will be held if the Belarusian authorities do not comply with the "people's ultimatum".

    "We have announced the People's Ultimatum - and if its demands are not met, on October 26 I will support every Belarusian who will join the general strike. Under “each” I mean that the rights of striking workers will be shared with students, entrepreneurs, neighbors, drivers, scientists, …

  • Head of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service arrives in Belarus

    Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin met with Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk. Lukashenko thanked Naryshkin for the fact that Moscow provides information to Minsk on a regular basis.

    "Thank you for the information that you regularly provide to our special services including me. We take it very seriously, and in this regard, we have a lot of joint work," TASS quoted Lukashenko as saying.

    Lukashenko touched on the topic of the Union State in his conversation with …