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  • Iran chooses Chinese J-10C over Russian MiG-35 fighters

    Contrary to reports from numerous sources in Russia’s Defense Ministry that Iran was seriously interested in Russian MiG-35 fighters, the Islamic republic’s government plans to use $1.5 of the $3 billion allocated by Qatar to purchase 36 Chinese Chengdu J-10C fighters, which are reportedly cheaper and more promising.

    “The Emir (head of state) of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani arrived in Iran and met with the country’s president Rouhani in Tehran. Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani offered Iran $3 …

  • Belarus does not intend to buy Russian MiG-35 fighter jets

    Belarus has no plans to buy Russian MiG-35 fighter jets, despite the information that appeared in the media that it might become one of the buyers of Russian aircraft, reports news outlet.

    Belarus does not have any interest in the Russian 4++ generation fighter jet MiG-35. The reason for that is that Belarus plans to buy Russian Su-30SM fighter jets. Another reason is the relatively high cost of MiG-35.

    Previously, it was assumed that China, India, and Turkey are the potential buyers …