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  • Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska sues the US Treasury Department and Secretary Steven Mnuchin

    Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska intends to make US authorities cancel the personal sanctions against him through the courts. The businessman intends to sue the US Treasury Department and Secretary Steven Mnuchin for damages equal to $7.5 billion in estimated losses.

    Deripaska’s lawsuit appeared in the US judicial database and was referred to the Court of the District of Columbia. Deripaska stated that he was included in the US sanctions as a result of the political struggle over Russia's …

  • Ukrainian President calls for expanding sanctions against Russia following U.S. decision

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has called the expansion of individual sanctions by the U.S. authorities “unprecedented.” He praised the recent sanctions imposed against persons designated under the January 2018 Kremlin Report as “a decent answer to the aggressor.”

    Poroshenko welcomed the decision of the U.S., stating that the free world will continue strengthening a coalition against Russian aggression. This unified effort, he stated, is based on “strong Transatlantic unity and common …