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  • Moscow comes under massive drone attack

    Several buildings in Moscow received "minor damage" as a result of a drone attack, reported Moscow mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin. "All city emergency services are on the scene. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated. No one has been injured," he wrote on his Telegram channel.

    According to Sobyanin, residents of several buildings were evacuated  for security reasons.

    TASS and RIA Novosti report, citing sources in the emergency services of the Russian Federation, that …

  • Moscow residents outraged as Russia starts cutting down trees to deploy air defense systems in the city

    The Moscow authorities began to actively cut down trees in order to prepare sites for air defense systems, reports the news outlet the Insider.

    According to journalists, after the New Year holidays, tree removal began in several districts of Moscow. Anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, radars 92N6E, as well as combat control points, presumably, 50K6A, have already been deployed in the Elk Island National Park and on the experimental fields of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. In the …

  • Russia preparing air defense around Moscow for possible Ukrainian attacks

    The Russian authorities are strengthening Moscow's "air shield" following the recent Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian military facilities, which are now taking place closer to the Russian capital, reports the Telegram channel “We can explain"

    According to the channel, sites for the installation of anti-aircraft missile systems and control centers are being built in Moscow. Most of them are located in urban districts in the south and south-east of the Moscow region, but new sites have also …

  • Weapons stores to be closed in Moscow amid looming protests

    All weapons stores will be closed in Moscow next weekend. According to Baza news outlet, such an order was sent to the stores by the Russian National Guard.

    The information was confirmed by Air-gun stores and the management of Kolchuga store in Moscow. They will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.

    So far, the order of the Russian National Guard concerns only the next weekend, when supporters of Alexei Navalny planned another round of mass rallies.

    Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti …

  • Moscow outraged at Paris over leak of Putin's conversation with Macron

    The Russian leadership is outraged over another leak to the French media of details of confidential conversation between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, reports Kommersant newspaper, citing a diplomatic source in Moscow. The interlocutor of the newspaper stressed that the essence of the negotiations between the two leaders was distorted by the media. According to him, Moscow demanded an explanation from Paris, but the source did not specify in what form the explanation was …

  • Poland warns against rapprochement between Russia and France

    The Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) has warned against the danger of rapprochement between Russia and France.

    In a corresponding bulletin published by PISM, Polish analysts state that the pursuit of French President Emmanuel Macron of the course aimed at closer cooperation with Moscow can undermine the unity within the European Union and NATO on several issues. The reason for such actions of the French President is an attempt to counteract the growing influence of China in the …

  • Moscow may deny loan to Minsk

    Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced on Saturday that Russia had not made a decision yet whether to allocate $600 million government loan to Belarus. Siluanov noted that Belarus might not receive a loan in all, reports Interfax news agency.

    According to the Russian Finance Minister, the difficulties with the allocation of funds will not affect the plan of the two countries to integrate the economies. Now, a "road map" is developed, which will determine the specific tasks for the …

  • Russian Prime Minister: Moscow will find ways to help Cuba get oil

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on the Russia 1 TV channel that Russia would find ways to help Cuba to get oil.

    The TV presenter asked whether Russian warships would escort tankers that deliver oil to Cuba.

    "I think we will find other ways to help Cuba get oil and oil products... Today, by the way, we talked about it and agreed that we will create a work plan for the energy supply to Cuba, including traditional energy sources, hydrocarbons, and some other opportunities that exist," …

  • Moscow’s successes in Syria: Two churches built and monitoring of Israeli airspace began

    The once obscure and underdeveloped Syrian port city of Tartus has turned in a short time into the largest closed water space in the area, with modern berths and shore-based ship life support systems. In an article for the Russian news outlet Izvestia, Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin writes that the bay could comfortably accommodate “an entire flotilla”.

    According to him, the developed infrastructure established in the bay can accommodate the crews of ships and submarines. The …

  • Russia’s State Duma to summon foreign diplomats due to protests in Moscow

    The State Duma Council has decided to create an inter-party commission on foreign interference in Russia’s internal affairs, the lower house of parliament announced. Vasily Piskarev, an MP from the United Russia party and head of the Committee for Security and Opposing Corruption, will head the new commission.

    “We are seeing how on government channels a number of countries are voicing statements like ‘Rise up, Moscow!’, calls to action – all of this constitutes interference in Russia’s …