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  • NATO explains why it sent warships to Odessa

    Six NATO ships arrived in Odessa on July 23 and will be open to visits by residents and guests of the city on July 24 and 25.

    At the joint press-conference with NATO Commander Frank Maginsky and the Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine, Alexander Vinnikov, the Commander of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) Boudewijn Boots explained that the presence of the ships is part of the Alliance’s efforts to strengthen its partnership with Ukraine.  

    "This is the third visit of the group …

  • Group of NATO warships enters the Black Sea

    Warships from the NATO Standing Maritime Group 2 entered the Black Sea, as reported by Turkish information portals that track the passage of ships across the Bosporus Strait and the Sea of Marmara.

    The British missile destroyer HMS Duncan (D37) is the flagship of the NATO vessels. The group also includes the Spanish Navy frigate ESPS Victoria (F82), the Turkish Navy frigate TCG Gemlik (F492), the German Navy FGS Bayern (f217) and several smaller ships.

    It was recently reported that in autumn, …

  • NATO ships conduct maneuvers on Black Sea

    In the Black Sea, near Odessa, two permanent maritime NATO groups are conducting joint maneuvers, as by Dumskaya news outlet.

    Involved in these actions are the SNMG2 Second Permanent Group and the SNMCMG2 Mine Action Group.

    “Today, during the exercises, joint maneuvers with helicopter landings were conducted. According to unverified information, Romanian fighters also participated in the exercises,” the publication noted.

    It was noted that for the first time in many years, two British …