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  • The European Commission wants Access to Gazprom Agreements

    The European Commission intends to obtain access to all agreements on commercial gas supplies to the European Union countries, as reported by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the 3rd of February, referring to draft documents that they received. Next week the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, is planning to formally present this proposal.

    According to the prepared documents, businesses involved in supplying gas will be required to report all contract …

  • Ukraine May Raise Transit Price for Gazprom

    RIA Novosti reported that according to Ukrainian State Enterprise Energorynok, the tariff rate for transporting Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine may increase in 2016 from $2.73 to $4.07 per 1000 cubic meters per 100 kilometers. Taking into account a new method of calculating the transit cost approved by Kiev in the end of last year, it will cost Gazprom $7.91 per 1000 cubic meters.

    According to the publication, the new method of calculating transit price is closely associated with …

  • Construction of the South Stream Pipeline Postponed

    The construction of the South Stream Pipeline remains suspended, as reported by Bulgarian National Radio based on Russian sources. Earlier the Standard, a Bulgarian newspaper, stated that the construction of the South Stream Pipeline may resume in the next few weeks. They reported that their sources stated that the delay is due to the deterioration of Russian-Turkish relations and the refusal of the Turkish Stream project which was discussed as an alternative to the South Stream.

    On Monday, a …

  • Ukrtransgaz: Ukraine Imports more Gas from Europe than from Russia

    As of the end of 2015, Ukraine had imported more gas from the European Union throughout the year than it has from Russia. The press center of the Public Joint Stock Company, Ukrtransgaz (a subsidiary of Naftogaz Ukraine) reported on January 6, 2016, that, "Ukraine has received 10.3 billion cubic meters of gas from European sources."

    "Most of the natural gas, 9.7 billion cubic meters, was imported through the ‘Slovak corridor’... while 6.1 billion cubic meters was imported from Russia to meet …

  • Medvedev approves gas discount for Ukraine

    Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev signed a decree detailing the discounted price of natural gas shipments from Russia to Ukraine. The tariff rates will remain the same until March 31, 2016. The documentation was posted on the official legal information web portal on Friday, January 1st.

    The decree provides a formula that makes it possible to calculate the rate of fees on imports of low-carbon, “blue fuel” gas to Ukraine.

    Most economists agree that, based on the contract price of gas at …