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  • Kyiv: Ukraine to test new models of weapons in 2019

    The Ukrainian government’s press service reported on Sunday, December 30th, that Ukraine would test new weapons in 2019. 

    It is noted that testing of the Ukraine-made man-portable air defense missile system (MANPADS) Kolibri (Hummingbird) will begin. 

    Also, next year, Ukrainian weapon makers will complete development and start government testing of the Neptun ground-based cruise missile systems which is capable of striking distant targets at sea. 

    “This weapon will be high-precision, modern …

  • Ukraine tests new cruise missile

    The Ukrainian-made Neptun cruise missile has been successfully tested in the Odessa province, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak announced on Wednesday, December 5.

    Ukrainian cruise missiles launched from the new Neptun coastal anti-ship systems were successfully tested for range and accuracy against above-water targets, and important results were obtained during the exercise.

    “The task that was set today for the cruise missiles was to test the range and accuracy of destroying above- …

  • Expert: Russian targets in Crimea in range of Ukraine’s new Neptune missile

    The new Ukrainian Neptune missile, which was recently tested in the Odessa province, will be capable of destroying military targets in Russian-annexed Crimea once it is adopted into the armament, said military expert and director of the information consulting firm Defense Express, Serhiy Zhurets, in a Radio Krym.Realii broadcast.

    “Yes, absolutely, it’s possible. This is an attempt to substantially deal with the matter of military capabilities through asymmetric actions. We won’t have time to …