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  • Russia to send for repairs large landing ship which broke down en route to Syria

    The “Orsk”, an Alligator-class large landing ship in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, will be sent for repairs because the propulsion system broke down, TASS reports, citing a source in the Crimean authorities.

    According to the information obtained by the news agency, one of the ship’s two diesel engines broke down while it was en route to Syria. The landing ship was towed by the sea tug MB-304 to the Black Sea Fleet base. It is not yet known where the repairs will be carried out or how long they …

  • Another large Russian warship damaged during Syrian mission

    Russia's large landing ship Orsk has suffered serious damage off the Syrian coast and is only able to move with the help of a tugboat, reports the Russian news outlet

    The publication notes that, at the moment, it is not clear where exactly the incident could have happened - in the Mediterranean Sea off the Syrian coast or when the ship was passing through the Bosphorus.

    The publication writes that the Russian Navy has not yet commented on the information about the damage at Orsk, …