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  • Sevastopol's electricity problems continue

    The city of Sevastopol is supplied with just 190 MW of electricity each day, which is insufficient during peak periods in the mornings and in the evenings.  This was stated by a technical director at PJSC: EC Sevastopolenergo, Viktor Shulzhenko, at a meeting to discuss plans for eliminating the consequences of electricity emergencies.  This was reported on the city's website.

     “So far for today, Sevastopol has received between 182 MW and 189 MW of electricity. For now, there are no cut-offs …

  • Nine Towns Left Without Electricity in Crimea

    Nine towns in Crimea were left without electricity when a high voltage transmission line broke down. The Russian government press service reported that the Simferopol REN (Regional Electric Networks) suffered a damaged power line that generated 35 kW of electricity. The towns of Hvardiiske, Sofiyivka, Sovkhoznoye, Malenkoye, Zhuravlevka, Shirokoye, Divnoye, Storozhevoye and Kuprino were deprived of power as a result. Repair work is currently ongoing.

    On December 30th, Ukrainian power supplies …

  • Ukraine stops goods and services supply to Crimea

    Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, stated that the turnover of goods and services between Crimea and Ukraine will completely cease within 30 days. Yatsenyuk stated that Ukrainian law prohibits the exchange of jobs, goods, and services between temporarily occupied Crimea and the other territories of Ukraine. Humanitarian aid and personal belongings of Ukrainian citizens are the only exceptions to this law.

    Prime Minister Yatsenyuk disclosed this information to the Ukrainian public, …