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  • Macron wants to propose sale of Rafale fighter jets to Zelensky

    During his visit to Kyiv, French President Emmanuel Macron plans to propose to the Ukrainian government a sale contract for French Dassault Rafale fighter jets, reports the French newspaper Opex360.

    According to media reports, France is interested to offer Rafale fighters as a preplacement for ageing Soviet MiG-29 aircraft, which is in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    "The French president believes in Rafale's chances of winning this former stronghold of Russian industry. Paris has an …

  • India calls French Rafale fighters superior to Russian Su-30MKIs

    India is purchasing French 4th generation Rafale fighters instead of Russian Su-30MKI fighters because the former’s capabilities are superior to the latter’s, The Economic Times reports.

    The Indian news outlet writes that the Rafale’s extended loitering ability is 50% greater than the Su-30MKI’s. The former’s flight range is 780-1055 km, as opposed to the latter’s 400-550 km. The French fighter can also be scrambled up to five times a day compared to the Russian fighter’s three times. …