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  • Russia prepares video bloggers for its YouTube alternative

    The Kremlin’s campaign to prepare for a possible blocking of YouTube in Russia continues to gain momentum.

    The Russian alternative of the world's largest video hosting RuTube, which is owned by Gazprom Media, announced plans to grow a new generation of video bloggers for an updated version of its platform, where viewing without registration has become available and the possibility of monetization is expected to be introduced.

    "We will bet on young, as yet unknown bloggers, and with the help …

  • Kremlin tests disconnecting Russia from world internet

    Russian authorities held exercises to isolate the Russian internet segment (Runet) from the global internet, RBC news agency reports, citing sources and materials of the working group "Information Security" under Russia’s Digital Economy national program.

    The exercises, which took place between June 15 and July 15, were attended by Russia’s "big four" internet providers (MTS, Beeline, Megafon and Tele2), as well as Rostelecom, Transtelecom and ER-Telecom Holding.

    "The possibility of physical …

  • Putin: Russia is ready to turn off internet 'in the event of a real threat'

    The Russian authorities do not plan to close foreign social networks and Internet platforms at the moment but will do so if there is a "real threat", said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the heads of the Russian media.

    The Russian newspaper The Bell reports, citing participants of the meeting, that, the President acknowledged that blocking YouTube and other sites "will cause inconvenience" to Russians who actively use them.

    According to Putin, because of that, the Kremlin …

  • Kremlin: Russia is ready to disconnect from global Internet

    Russia is legally and technically ready to disconnect from the global Internet, said Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

    According to Medvedev, although it will "not be easy" and "would not be very desirable", technologically "everything is ready" for it and "at the legislative level, too, all decisions are made."

    The U.S, obviously, has "the key rights of control", but "the management of the whole country, huge number of social functions," depend on the Internet, …

  • Gazprom to create Russian YouTube alternative

    In 2021-2022, Gazprom-Media Holding will introduce two online content management platforms to the Russian market - similar to the American YouTube platform, said the head of the holding, Aleksandr Jarov, at the roundtable of the National Advertising Forum.

    "We now have a Rutube platform in our portfolio. We have been working on it for a long time, about a year, to modernize it, to make it, in terms of the available tools, not worse than YouTube, and in terms of various monetization mechanisms …

  • Russia postpones ‘sovereign internet exercises’ due to coronavirus

    The Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media postponed the exercises, which were to "ensure the sustainability and security of the Internet in Russia", reports Interfax.

    Initially, it was planned to hold exercises once a quarter and work out four different threats. They were planned on March 20, June 20, September 20 and December 20. The exercises were cancelled due to measures taken in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus.

    The law on ensuring the …

  • FSB demands round-the-clock access to Russian citizens’ online correspondence

    Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has demanded that the major internet service providers give it access to their users’ online activity, The Bell reports, citing sources in Russian internet companies.

    In summer last year, Russian companies on the register of information distribution operators (IDO) started receiving a letter from the FSB headquarters on Lubyanka Square related to the requirements of the “Yarovaya Law”. In the letter, the FSB instructed the companies to install equipment …

  • Russian government unable to block Telegram

    Internet service providers have reported back to the Russian Communications Ministry on the results from testing the deep packet inspection (DPI) equipment for implementing the law “On the sovereign Russian internet”.

    Citing its own sources, RBC news agency reports that several providers experienced malfunctions while installing the equipment. A number of providers reported a drop in the speed of web traffic and also a drop in signal level. Telegram could not be blocked, because the messenger …

  • Sovereign internet drills cause major disruptions at Russian airports

    Russian airlines and airports were paralyzed for several hours due to a major disruption of the internet. As a result, the systems responsible for booking and buying tickets, flight registration and baggage and flight monitoring stopped working, reports, citing a source in one of the airlines.

    According to the source, the disruption could be linked to the testing of the “sovereign Russian internet”.

    “For several hours, the internet went down, as a result of which problems arose not …

  • Kremlin bans anonymous use of internet messengers in Russia

    On May 5, the decree of the Russian government prohibiting the anonymous use of internet messengers came into force, reports TASS.

    According to the decree, the administrations of messengers are required to identify their users by their mobile phone numbers.

    "Now, the messengers should check the information about the registration of the user's phone number with the mobile operator. The mobile operator, in turn, must provide the requested information within 20 minutes. If the operator did not …