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  • Russian combat helicopter accidentally discharges ammunition at residential building

    A Russian Defense Ministry’s Combat helicopter accidentally fired a salvo at an apartment building in the city of Chita. No one was killed or injured. The building was only slightly damaged, reports the Telegram channel Baza.

    The incident took place on March 14 when the ammunition was offloaded from a Mi-35M helicopter at Cheryomushki Air Base near Chita. During the procedure there was a technical malfunction, and one of 23mm shells was fired.

    The shell flew almost a mile and a half and …

  • Russian General: Russian Aerospace Forces are not ready for large-scale combat

    Former Russian Air Force commander, General Pyotr Deynekin, harshly criticized the readiness of Russian Aerospace Force, noting that combat aircraft is not prepared for a large-scale military conflict, even though Russian Air Force is one of the most powerful in the world.

    "Russian Aerospace Forces do not have enough manpower and equipment to conduct large-scale military operations. There isn’t enough combat personnel ", said Deynekin as cited by news outlet the Military Review.

    Earlier, …