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  • Latvia accuses Russia of cyber attacks

    Latvia’s Constitution Protection Bureau reported that Russian military intelligence service GRU has attempted to gain access to the Latvian government's information using phishing attacks against their computer networks.

    "The cyber attacks in Latvia were carried out by the GRU for the espionage purposes. The most frequent attacks were directed against state institutions, including the defense and foreign affairs sectors," said the statement.

    Less commonly, the GRU attacks were aimed at the …

  • Washington: Russian hackers preparing to attack the US energy systems

    Russian hackers are actively exploring computer networks of the US energy infrastructure are capable of creating failures in US industrial systems, said Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen in Washington during the summit on cyber security.

    "They conduct research. They want to know how everything works. It can be said that they are exploring the battlefield for future interference and cyber-attacks. We often detect them scanning our systems,” the Voice of America cites the Secretary …

  • Head of the German security agency accuses Russian hackers of attacking country’s power grid

    Hans-Georg Maassen, who currently serves as President of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, blamed Russia for a recent large-scale cyberattack on German power grids and energy companies in an interview with media group Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland’s newspaper. 

    "The modus operandi is in fact only one of [multiple] indications that point to Russian control of the attack campaign," he said. Hans-Georg Maassen did not reveal details of the investigation.

    Germany’s …

  • Bundestag Deputies demand explanations from the German government concerning Russian hacker attacks

    A special meeting of the relevant committee devoted to the hacking attack on Germany’s government network will take place in the Bundestag, DW reports. According to the sources of the agency, the cyber-attack lasted until February 28.

    "The successful cyber-attack clearly indicates that the government’s digital networks are not sufficiently protected. Since this data is very important, the situation is unacceptable," Committee spokesman Manuel Höferlin said.

    Representatives of the German …

  • Media: Russian hackers attacked German Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs

     Hacker group APT28, also known as Fancy Bear, has attacked the German Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, reports news agency DPA citing sources in the defense sector. The magazine Focus carried the text from DPA. A number of companies in the cyber security field link APT28 with Russia.

    The agency’s source said that the attack was discovered in December 2017. It was done using malicious software, and the hackers stole valuable data. The source noted that the attack could have gone on …

  • Spanish Government: Catalan crisis was instigated by Russian hackers

    Russian hackers worked to exacerbate relations between Spain and Catalonia by spreading messages on social networks, as stated by two Ministers from the Spanish government, DW reports.

    Spain's Minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, noted that many messages on social networks on the topic of Catalonia came from the Russian segment of the Internet, however it is unknown whether the Russian government is involved.

    The presence of evidence of an intervention by hackers from "Russian …

  • Media: Russian mafia carried out cyber-attacks in Sweden

    Swedish media recently released a report about hackers who sent millions of e-mails with viruses over several years. Presumably, cyber-criminals are associated with organized crime in Russia.

    The viruses were disguised as letters from Telia Sverige, a communications company and Postnord postal service. The recipient would be asked to verify the account or perform other operations. After the user clicked the link, the unknowns demanded money to unlock the computer, from 400 kronor to six …

  • Media: Hackers from Russia help in preparing referendum in Catalonia

    Hackers from Russia are helping to support sites about Catalonia's referendum for independence and keep them operational, reported the newspaper El Pais, citing as a source in the Civil Guard of Spain.

    The newspaper notes that after law enforcement agencies blocked the physical channels for preparing a referendum, websites remain the only source of information on the lists of polling stations.

    “According to the Civil Guard, a group of hackers in Russia and its satellite countries are …

  • Media: Russian FSB officers suspected of passing information on Russian hackers to the US

    Employees of the Center for Information Security (CIS) of the FSB, who were arrested for treason, are suspected of transferring the names of Russian hackers to American intelligence, as reported by Dozhd TV channel, citing sources in the FSB that indicated this information led to the son of a State Duma Deputy, Roman Seleznev, being detained in Maldives as well as the detention of other cybercriminals around the world.The TV channel learned of the accusation against the Deputy Head of the FSB …

  • Russian hackers fabricated evidence of cooperation between Russian independent media and the U.S. State Department

    Russian hackers fabricated evidence of cooperation between the U.S. State Department and independent Russian media and opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The corresponding research was published by the human rights organization Citizen Lab.

    According to Republic news outlet, the falsification became possible after hackers got access to the documents of American journalist David Satter, who had worked for Radio Liberty in Moscow since 2013. Before placing Satter's documents in the public domain, …