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  • Ukrainian rocket manufacturer purchases aluminum from Russia

    In a recent press release, the Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant (Yuzhmash) has confirmed the media reports that the company has bought aluminum from a supplier in Russia.

    Yuzhmash also said that the journalists’ speculation about the purpose of the purchase was correct, namely that the aluminum in question will be used to make the basic structure of the first stage of an Antares launch vehicle.

    “We report furthermore that the number of Yuzhmash’s suppliers is in the hundreds. They represent …

  • Russia’s Burevestnik super-missile unsuitable for war

    Although numerous sources claim that Russia’s Burevestnik hypersonic nuclear-powered cruise missile will be adopted into the armament within the next 5-6 years, some Russian news outlets believe the missile will be completely unsuitable for warfare.

    “As soon as the Burevestnik is spotted approaching the target, it will be relatively easy to shoot down, because according to current estimates, the missile has a subsonic flight speed. If there is an interceptor aircraft in the air, under …