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  • Russia deploys S-300 missile system to border with Afghanistan

    One S-300 anti-aircraft missile system has been deployed to Tajikistan for the first time, reports RBC news agency, citing its source close to the Russian Defense Ministry. A second source close to the Ministry confirmed the deployment of the missile system to the border with Afghanistan.

    "This is the first S-300 missile system, which will be deployed on the border with Afghanistan, where the International Security Assistance Force operates," said one of the sources, noting that in Central …

  • Israeli reconnaissance plane approaches Russian naval base in Syria

    An Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft was seen flying 60-65 kilometers near the military base of the Russian Navy base in the Syrian port of Tartus, reports news outlet with reference to ADS-B Exchange air traffic monitoring service. This is the first time that the Israeli plane came so close to the Russian naval base.

    According to, the plane was most likely interested in air defense systems, including the Russian S-300 missile systems, which provide security from the …

  • Israel is jamming Syrian air defense systems in preparation for new attacks

    Over the past 24 hours, the Syrian radar and air defense systems have experienced disruptions in their work which are believed to have been caused by the electronic warfare systems installed on Israeli warplanes. During this period, Israeli planes were detected near the Syrian borders.

    "Israeli warplanes have been buzzing Syrian air-defense systems in the southern region since the morning, Israeli electronic measures were also detected,” reports the blogger “Within Syria” on twitter.

    There …

  • Russian media: Israel has found ‘antidote’ to S-300 missile systems in Syria

    The successful testing of the Arrow 3 missile has not gone unnoticed by the patriotically inclined Russian community, which cares about the success of Russian weapons in Syria, and is also (in line with Soviet tradition) alarmed by the achievements of the Jewish state in its fight against the Arab neighbors that seek to destroy it.

    Svobodnaya Pressa, a news outlet run by the famous Russian writer and patriotic activist Zakhar Prilepin, published an article titled “Arrow 3 versus S-300: Now …

  • Tehran suspects Israel is being assisted by Moscow

    Tehran suspects that Moscow has given Jerusalem codes from the S-300 aerial defense systems, which enabled Israel’s multirole F-35 combat aircraft to stealthily penetrate Iran’s airspace, fly over several major cities (Tehran, Karajrak, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas) and carry out an aerial survey of the Islamic republic’s anti-air defense systems, the Qatari news agency Al Jarida reports.

    According to the Qatari journalists, the Israeli aircraft flew unhindered over virtually the entire …

  • Russian S-300 systems in Syria attacked for the first time

    Forces in opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s regime have attacked the S-300 “Favorite” anti-air missile systems, Al Masdar News reports. The attack was made using Grad missiles on 21 July. The S-300s are located near the city of Masyaf in the Hama province.

    Spokespersons for the Syrian army said that the attack had been repelled using anti-air defense systems located in the Tartus province. The S-300s themselves were unaffected.

    Experts observe that this is the first missile strike that …

  • Media: Russian drones and S-300 missile systems no threat to Israel

    Russia is actively utilizing the progress made by Israel for its own drone production program, often by borrowing technologies, reports Svobodnaya Pressa.

    Last year there was an incident where Israel’s aerial defense shot down a Russian-made drone over the Golan Heights. An analysis of the fragments showed that the drone was completely identical to a model used by the Israeli Air Force. “The only difference was that our apparatus had inscriptions in Cyrillic,” the Russian news outlet observes. …

  • Russian experts: S-300 missile systems ineffective in Syria

    The Russian S-300 aerial defense systems delivered to Syria demonstrated their utter ineffectiveness during an attack by the Israeli Air Force in the early hours of 1 July, writes the Russian news site

    The ineffectiveness of Syria’s S-300 is most apparent in light of the fact that they are currently considered the most long-range anti-air systems in Assad’s army, the site notes.

    The news outlet’s anonymous experts drew attention to the fact that Israel used long-range missiles in …

  • Russia concludes S-300 deployment in Syria

    The S-300 surface-to-air missile system which Russia has transferred to Syria has finally been deployed and is entirely operational, The Times of Israel reports, citing data from the Israeli satellite image analysis company ImageSat International.

    A satellite photograph published on 30 June shows that the fourth and final missile launcher has been set up and is ready for use. For some time, only three of the four launchers had been installed at the Masyaf base in north-western Syria. At the …

  • US introduces sanctions against Russian defense sector

    The US State Department announced on Tuesday that it has added to the sanctions on Russia’s defense sector.

    Among those Russian companies to be newly blacklisted for violating the sanctions on Syria, Iran and North Korea are the Avangard plant in Moscow, which produces missiles for S-300 and S-400 aerial defense systems, and the Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, one of the largest Russian defense enterprises, which develops precision weapons, including Pantsir anti-air missile systems.

    The …