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  • Threat of new US sanctions sends Russian government bank shares tumbling

    Russian government bank shares continue to plummet on the Moscow Exchange due to the threat of new US sanctions, which at first seemed unlikely, but are becoming more real every day.

    After US Senator Chris Van Hollen said that the bipartisan sanctions bill will target the Russian banking sector, Sberbank and VTB Bank’s share prices began to drop at an accelerating rate.

    At the end of trading on Thursday, Sberbank’s shares had lost 4.84%, closing at a price of 178.71 rubles, a low since August …

  • Kremlin calls new US sanctions unlawful

    The US sanctions against Russia that will come into force on August 22 are unlawful. They negatively affect international trade, Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told Kommersant FM radio. He also stressed that “such restrictions will certainly affect the entire international trade.”

    “We are aware that the bill has been prepared. We are familiar with the content of the bill. It has been published on their internet resources. We have carefully studied it and we consider that it …

  • Kremlin: new Ukrainian sanctions against Russia would be a violation of international law

    The imposition of sanctions against Russia by Ukraine will be considered “a blatant violation of rules of international law,” stated the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

    “The package announced by the Kyiv regime can be compared with the “Magnitsky list”, another attempt to impose unilateral coercive measures that are contrary to international law and the practice of civilized international relations,” TASS cites Zakharova as saying.

    Earlier, Ukrainian …

  • US special envoy Volker promises more sanctions on Russia

    The US currently has many packages of sanctions against Russia, and they will increase until Russia starts to collaborate in the search for a resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, the violation of human rights, and so on, said US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker in an interview with the Pryamiy TV channel.

    “The sanctions, I believe, are already having an effect. They have not yet changed Russia’s fundamental  policy towards Ukraine or the Donbas. But I know that …

  • Russian Foreign Minister: Putin is ready to meet with ‘unfriendly’ Trump

    The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov said that Russia was ready to “meet even with representatives of the states that lead unfriendly policies – including the USA”, TASS reported.

    Commenting on the relevance of a meeting in the light of Washington’s statements on sanctions, Lavrov answered, “We have never avoided communication, including with representatives of the states that have adopted a clearly unfriendly policy towards us”.

     “If the two leaders feel the need to meet and refer to …

  • Russia threatens to decrease investments in US national debt

    In response to the new U.S. sanctions, Russia will continue to dispose of the U.S Treasury bonds as well as increase payments in national currencies, the Kommersant newspaper reports, citing the statement of the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, made during the broadcast of Russia -1 TV channel.

    "We have reduced investments to a minimum. We will continue to reduce our investments in the U.S. economy and American treasury bonds and will …

  • Russian Foreign Minister complains to US Secretary of State Pompeo about new sanctions

    On Friday, August 10, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held a telephone conversation with the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in which he expressed his opposition to the new U.S. sanctions against Russia, reported the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    "The Russian side has categorically rejected Washington's announced new sanctions which were announced recently and which are connected to allegedly available information about Russia's involvement in the so-called ‘Skripals case’," the …

  • Russian steel producer EVRAZ states there are no plans to sell assets in the US

    Metallurgical and mining company EVRAZ is not planning on selling its assets in the USA, as they are of strategic interest, reported Interfax referring to the statement made by the president of the company Alexander Frolov.

    “We see an opportunity to further develop rails and large-diameter pipes, delivery of slabs is continuing, even despite the newly imposed tariffs. Therefore, we do not have any immediate plans to sell,” Frolov said.

    EVRAZ North America includes six production sites. They …

  • Russia promises 'mirror response' to new US sanctions

    If the United States imposes sanctions against Russia because of the "Skripal case," Moscow will mirror its response to Washington, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at the briefing broadcasted on the ministry's Facebook page.

    "This is exclusively about the adequate response measures. Therefore, the response measures will match the sanctions measures against the Russian side, " said Zakharova. She stressed that Moscow always responds to sanctions …

  • US State Department: Russia can avoid sanctions under several conditions

    The US State Department announced that the United States is ready to cancel anti-Russian sanctions due to Skripal's poisoning under several conditions.

    According to the message of Washington, in the next three months, Russia has to assure that it will not use chemical or biological weapons, reported RBC news agency. In addition, Russian authorities shall not obstruct the work of UN inspectors and independent international observers.

    The second package of sanctions stipulates reduction of …