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  • South Korea poised to arm Ukraine if Russia transfers weapons to North Korea: Seoul sets clear 'red line'

    If Moscow crosses the "red line" by transferring technology to North Korea, South Korea will unhesitatingly support Ukraine and provide its full arsenal of lethal weapons.

    Chang Ho Jin, South Korea's National Security Advisor, outlined the conditions under which Ukraine would receive weapons during his appearance on the KBS television program. He emphasised that the transfer of arms to Ukraine would be directly contingent on similar actions by Russia, which plans to transfer technology and …

  • South Korea reconsiders arms shipments to Ukraine following North Korea-Russia military pact

    The South Korean government has announced that it will review its stance on arms shipments to Ukraine following the signing of a treaty between North Korea and Russia, which includes a mutual commitment to provide immediate military assistance if either country is attacked, reports the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

    "We plan to reconsider the provision of arms to Ukraine," stated National Security Adviser Jang Ho-jin.

    The publication highlights that Jang hinted at a shift in South Korea's …

  • U.S. buys $2.9 billion worth of South Korean weapons for Ukraine

    South Korea will supply Ukraine with $ 2.9 billion worth of weapons, writes the newspaper Mladá fronta DNES.

    According to the newspaper, the United States will finance the deal, and the weapons will be delivered to one of the Czech defense companies, which, in turn, will hand them over to Ukraine free of charge.

    As part of the deal, Ukraine is expected to receive South Korean anti-aircraft missile systems Chiron (KP-SAM) and ammunition for them. These air defense systems are used to repel …

  • Japanese and South Korean fighter jets intercept Russian bombers

    Japan and South Korea scrambled fighters to escort two Russian strategic bombers over the neutral waters of the seas of Japan and East China, the Russian media reported on November 27, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

    “At separate stages of the route, the crews of the Tu-95MSs were escorted by a few F-15, F-16 (South Korean Air Force) and F-2 (Japanese Air Force) fighters,” the TASS news agency wrote, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

    On August 8, the UK’s Royal Air Force scrambled …

  • Japan protests airspace violation by Russia

    The Japanese government has protested a violation of its airspace over the Sea of Japan by Russian bombers, the Japanese news agency NHK reports.

    “We cannot allow such actions in our territory,” the country said in a statement delivered through diplomatic channels to Russia and South Korea.

    Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga objected to both Russia’s airspace violation and the warning shots fired by South Korea.

    “In light of Japan’s stance on sovereignty over Takeshima, the …

  • Russia to impose new tariffs on European goods

    Russia is planning to impose additional restrictions on goods imported from the EU. The Russian government has sent a corresponding notice to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    The restrictions will be a response to the EU’s 25% tariff on Russian steel which came into force on 2 February, according to the notice published on the WTO website.

    The exact nature of the restrictions has not yet been decided, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development told Interfax.

    According to the WTO’s rules, …

  • The US accuses two Russian ports of violating sanctions against North Korea

    The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury stated that they suspect two Russian ports in Vladivostok and Nakhodka of violating the sanctions regime established by the UN Security Council against North Korea.

    According to the U.S. Treasury, vessels that participated in the transshipment of oil and coal to North Korean tankers visited Vladivostok and Nakhodka ports.

    In addition to the two Russian ports, this scheme also involved four ports in China, four in …

  • Russian ship with a drunken captain crashes into a bridge in South Korea

     Maritime Bulletin reported that on February 28th, the Russian Seagrand cargo ship crashed into a pillar of the Gwangan motorway bridge in the South Korean port of Busan.

    According to the newspaper, the vessel was from the port in Vladivostok and brought a cargo of steel products weighing one and a half thousand tons to South Korea. The incident occurred after unloading in the port of Busan.

    No one was injured, but the bridge and ship itself were severely damaged as a result of the collision. …

  • South Korea refuses to let Russian ships in because of US sanctions

    South Korea denied the ships of the Russian company Gudzon Shipping entry to the country’s ports, the Kommersant newspaper reports with reference to the company’s General Director, Gennady Kononenko.

    “I have documents showing that South Korean authorities denied the entry [to the ports],” Kononenko said.

    Kononenko added that the matter was related to the sanctions of the United States against companies suspected of oil trade with North Korea. The Director General of Gudzon Shipping stated …

  • Russian ship detained in South Korean port due to US sanctions

    The Russian cargo ship Sevastopol belonging to the Vladivostok-based Hudson shipping company has been detained in the South Korean Port of Busan, reported on Saturday, September 29, by Pyotr Osichansky, a representative of the International Transport Workers’ Federation of Russia (ITF) in the Far East.

    According to him, the Sevastopol was arrested by “an agent who does not give authorization for departure”. The vessel’s captain received a letter in Korean with the relevant information on the …