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  • Russia conducts anti-aircraft missile exercises in Crimea

    Russia began anti-aircraft missile exercises in the annexed Crimea. The units of the anti-aircraft missile regiment from the army corps of the Black Sea Fleet began exercises near Saki and Kacha airfields in the Crimea, the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet reported.

    "More than 300 servicemen from anti-aircraft crews of the anti-aircraft missile regiment have launched a set of combat training tasks, including the deployment of firing positions, preparation for opening fire, as well …

  • Russian landing ship conducts combat shooting drills in the Black Sea

    The crew of the large landing ship Caesar Kunikov of the Russian Black Sea Fleet carried out an artillery firing at the coastal, sea and air targets in one of the Black Sea training ranges, reports "Krym.Realii" news site with reference to the Russian Black Sea Fleet press service. 

    It is noted that the shooting took place in accordance with the combat training plan. 

    “When practicing combat actions to support naval forces during a landing on the coast, the ship crew performed firing from an …

  • Russia conducts aviation exercises over the Sea of Japan

    TASS reports, citing the press service of the Russian Eastern Military District, that the reconnaissance aircraft Su-24MR of the Aerospace Forces of Russia carried out scheduled flights over the Sea of ​​Japan.

    The Su-24MR are a part of an aircraft unit deployed in the Primorsky Krai territory. During the flight, the aircraft worked on the search and detection of the hypothetical enemy’s targets. These exercises were conducted in collaboration with the air defense forces on duty and the …

  • Japanese fighter jets intercept Russian warplanes over the Sea of Japan

    The Japanese Defense Ministry announced that Japanese fighter jets scrambled to intercept Su-27 multi-role fighters and Su-24 frontline bombers near the western island of Honshu, Ria Novosti reports. It is also reported one more unknown plane flying over that waters of the Sea of Japan that was “allegedly Russian.”

    In early September, Russian Tu-142 antisubmarine aircraft flew near Japanese borders and were also immediately accompanied by Japanese fighter aircraft. From Spring 2017 to Spring 20 …

  • Ukraine successfully tests new missiles

    The Oskol unguided aircraft missiles have successfully passed another stage of government testing, which involved a Su-24M bomber crew from a brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force.

    The press service of Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian state-owned arms manufacturer), an association of Ukrainian defense industry enterprises, reported that the RS-80 Oskol’s compliance with tactical and technical requirements and readiness for use in military planes had been confirmed in tests carried out in the client’s …

  • Japan scrambles fighter jets to intercept Russian warplanes

    Fighter jets from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces intercepted and escorted Russian aircraft, reported the website of the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Four JSDF jets scrambled to intercept two Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare planes and two Su-24 all-weather attack planes.

    According to the Joint Staff of the JSDF’s air force, the Tu-142 planes flew towards Hokkaido Island and continued along its west coast to the south making a circle and flying round the archipelago. Also, a Su-24 bomber flew …

  • British fighters intercept six Russian bombers over the Black Sea

    British soldiers stationed in Romania intercepted six Russian bombers over the Black Sea, reported the Romanian agency Agerpres.

    On August 13, Eurofighter Typhoon fighters took off from the Romanian Mihail Kogalniceanu base due to the presence of six Russian Su-24 bombers flying over the Black Sea near the NATO border towards the Crimea.

    "Before the take-off to intercept them, we were warned about the intense Russian air activity, which was observed throughout the night," - said one of the …

  • Ukrainian officer sentenced to 12 years for attempting to steal Su-24 plane and fly it to Russia

    The Kmelnitskyi city district court sentenced a major of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who tried to steal a plane and take it to Russia in September 2014.

    The case was considered repeatedly in court. The first time, the major was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, but for procedural reasons, the ruling of the Starokonstantinovsky court did not come into force, and a new trial was appointed, the press service of the Military Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reported.

    In the second …

  • The U.S. raises concerns about a dangerous maneuver by Russian military aircraft near its destroyer in the Black Sea

    U.S. naval forces counted at least three flights of Russian military aircraft over its destroyer, the USS Porter in the Black Sea according to the U.S. Department of Defense.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Michelle Baldanza claimed that all of the incidents occurred on February 10 and were considered by the Porter’s commander to be unsafe and unprofessional.

    "The destroyer Porter was sending requests to all of the aircraft and received no answer. The Russian planes disabled their transponders," Baldanza …

  • Former Turkish PM says he gave the order to shoot down any aircraft coming from Syria

    The former Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoğlu, has said that he gave the order which resulted in the downing of a Russian Su-24 aircraft in November last year. Hurriyet Daily News reported that Davutoğlu said this while on air with private news channel, NTV. He added that it was not a specific order, but a general instruction.

    “According to the customs of our country, the Prime Minister gives the rules of conduct to the General Staff in a written directive. I gave such an order on the 10 …