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  • Russian 'fifth-generation' Su-57 fighter jet disabled in drone attack on Akhtubinsk airfield

    The Su-57, Russia’s most advanced fighter jet, has been reportedly damaged. According to open sources, Russia possesses no more than ten such aircraft.

    For the first time in history, a multirole Su-57 fighter jet has been hit on Russian territory, reported Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defence on Sunday, June 9.

    "On June 8, 2024, at the Ahtubinsk airfield in the Astrakhan region of Russia, located 589 kilometres from the conflict line, a multirole Su-57 …

  • Russia claims to have tested its new Su-57 fighter in combat

    Russian military conducted a test, during which a "swarm" of Su-35 fighters flew under the control of the 5th generation Su-57 aircraft, reported TASS, citing two sources in the defense industry.

    "The experiment was conducted in real combat conditions. A group of Su-35 fighters was part of the "pack" and the role of the command-staff aircraft was performed by the Su-57," TASS quoted one of the interlocutors as saying.

    Another source confirmed to TASS the nature of the tests. According to the …

  • Russia develops hypersonic missile for its new Su-57 fighter jet

    Russian defense companies have developed a small hypersonic missile for the Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighter, reported TASS, citing sources in the defense industry.

    According to one of the agency's interlocutors, it is an air-to-surface missile which will be loaded inside the fighter. A second source confirmed that the missile is being developed but clarified that it had not yet been tested with the launcher. The agency's interlocutors have not provided the characteristics of the new …

  • Kremlin: Turkey may purchase Su-35 and Su-57 fighter jets from Russia

    There is a high probability that Turkey will be interested in the Russian combat aircraft of the new generation, but it will depend on many factors, reports RIA Novosti citing Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov.

    The Deputy Prime Minister did not rule out that Turkey would turn to Russia in the future for the purchase of modern warplanes, but this will depend on further relations between Ankara and Washington. According to him, Turkish officials expressed great interest in the Russian …

  • Russian press: Su-57’s flaws make it useless

    Although Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighters are competitively priced, neither China nor Iran are interested in them, and not even Turkey, which recently expressed admiration of the Su-57, writes the Russian news agency Svobodnaya Pressa (Free Press). According to the columnists, the primary reason for this aversion is the fighter’s large number of shortcomings.

    Development of the Su-57 began well over ten years ago, and the fighters have been showcased and tested, and even begun serial …

  • Su-57 fighters show up in Syria to advertise Russia’s weaponry

    Two prototypes of the Russian-produced Su-57 fifth generation fighter have been sent to Syria, presumably to show off Russia’s weaponry, writes the newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry Krasnaya Zvezda.

    According to the periodical, this was the “first demonstration of the latest Russian combat aircraft under real war conditions”.

    “The demonstration was clearly intended to attract foreign attention, including from potential buyers,” the news outlet remarks.

    Krasnaya Zvezda assumes that …

  • Russia begins serial production of 5th generation fighters

    Russia has started serial production of Su-57 fifth generation fighters, according to a brochure for the 80th anniversary of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, which developed the aircraft, RIA Novosti reports.

    “In 2019, serial production has been launched and a long-term contract has been signed with the Defense Ministry to supply more than 70 aircraft,” the company stated.

    At the end of June, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov announced that a contract had been signed to purchase 7 …

  • Russian experts will arrive in Turkey to install the S-400 air defense systems

     On Monday, during broadcast on Haberturk TV, Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar said that Russian technical personnel will be arriving to the country to install the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

    “Purchase of the S-400 is a done deal. Case closed. Everyone needs to understand that. Our president has said this multiple times. Technical personnel will be arriving from Russia to install the S-400,” Akar said, without specifying the exact time the Russian specialists planned to arrive. …

  • India to buy Russian S-400 missile system

    Indian authorities decided to buy S-400 missile system from Russia since these systems are used in China, reports Moneycontrol news website.

    According to the publication, India doesn't intend to use the Russian S-400 missile system for defense purposes but plans to research their tactical and technical capabilities. The country also plans to test its Rafale fighter aircraft — in particular, their ability to penetrate China's airspace, which is protected by the S-400 missile systems.

    Also, it …

  • Putin: 150 ballistic missile launches detected by Russian radar systems over 3 years

    During a meeting on defense in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that for three years the launches of 150 ballistic missiles were tracked using the space system of early-warning radars, reports RBC news agency.

    "During the past three years, it has recorded, in a timely manner, that is, according to standards, the launches of over 150 ballistic missiles and carrier missiles of both Russian and foreign origin," said Putin.

    The meeting in Sochi is devoted to the orbital component of …