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  • Journalist: Russian Wagner Private Military Company continues to recruit mercenaries for operations in Sudan and Syria

    The Russian journalist Igor Pushkaryov, who visited the Wagner Private Military Company’s (PMC) secret base in Krasnodar Krai, learned from the mercenaries that the PMC has a new assignment. In an Echo of Moscow radio broadcast, Pushkaryov said that at the end of last week, two new parties of Wagner troops had set out for Syria and Sudan.

    “From quite short discussions with the population of this base and the inhabitants of the surrounding Molkino settlement, it became clear that even after the …

  • BBC: 'Russian mercenaries' involved in Sudan conflict

    Mercenaries from the Russian private military companies that were previously involved in the conflicts in the Donbas and in Syria have gone to fight in Sudan on the side of dictator Oman al-Bashir’s government, reported the BBC Russian service with reference to Oleg Krinitsyn, head of the RSB Group private military company.

    “I heard that people have gone there and have even come back with a severe form of malaria,” Krinitsyn said. According to him, the company he heads “has interests there”, …