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  • Kremlin promises to respond to new US sanctions against Russia

    Russia will respond to the US sanctions imposed against eleven Russian citizens, and six Russian companies, reports the press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The reason for sanctions was Washington's accusation of cyber fraud.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed to the "politicization" of the US claims. Diplomats note that if Washington's representatives had "real evidence," they would have appealed to the Russian side to conduct an audit. According to the Foreign Ministry, no such …

  • Zelensky claims he did not know US military aid for Ukraine was frozen when he spoke to Trump

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that when he spoke to US President Donald Trump on the phone, he was unaware that the US was blocking part of its military assistance. He also said that the Trump impeachment scandal is not influencing his work.

    “With all respect to our strategic partner, Ukraine is independent and we have higher priority problems,” he responded at a press conference after meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

    On December 3, citing former Ukrainian …

  • US denies visas to Russian Finance and Foreign Ministry officials

    Russia and the US are on the brink of another visa scandal. For the second time this year, a delegation of Russian officials was denied visas and was thus unable to fly to Washington, the Russian embassy to the US reported on Wednesday.

    On December 3, representatives of Russia’s Federal Treasury planned to attend a conference of the International Institute on Regulation of the Auditing Profession. However, they did not receive visas in time.

    Last week, the US Department of State also did not …

  • Kremlin: Russia does not need US approval to strengthen ties with Iran

    Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan said  that Moscow does not need any “permission” from Washington to strengthen its ties with Tehran. In an interview with the Iranian English-language channel Press TV, the diplomat stressed that Russia is an absolutely sovereign state which pursues independent policies, and does not need permission from the US or any other country to strengthen ties with Iran.

    The ambassador believes that Russia-Iran relations have good prospects, noting that “the …

  • Danish intelligence concerned by Russia-US confrontation in Arctic

    The geopolitical rivalry between the US, China and Russia is causing tension in the Arctic region to increase, states a report published on Friday, November 29, by the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, DDIS). The document contains an analysis of the primary international threats for 2019.

    According to the kingdom’s intelligence department, Russia “considers its extended Arctic coastline its most vulnerable flank for an unexpected US precision strike” using …

  • Ukrainian defense conglomerate Ukroboronprom could be hit by US sanctions for selling Motor Sich to China

    The US could impose sanctions on Ukraine’s state-owned defense conglomerate UkrOboronProm if the China-controlled company Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Ltd. gains joint control over the company Motor Sich, said Yuriy Terentyev, head of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, in a broadcast of Radio NV.

    “We could find ourselves in a completely absurd situation, if the Chinese party acquired control over this enterprise together with UkrOboronProm. The US could find confirmation that the Chinese …

  • US to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 before Christmas

    The US is preparing a “sanctions trick” against the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the German newspaper Bild reported on Saturday, citing sources and a speech given by James Risch, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, at a security conference in Halifax.

    The opponents of the pipeline’s construction plan to get sanctions imposed “in a roundabout way” on the European companies involved in the realization of the project.

    Essentially, the sanctions against Gazprom’s …

  • US accuses Russia of deploying regular troops and mercenaries in Libya

    Russia has deployed regular troops and mercenaries in Libya, thereby threatening the stability of the country and destabilizing the situation there, said US Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs David Shenker, as cited by the Department of State’s press service.

    The US official said that Russian military interference is destabilizing the situation in Libya. When asked by journalists what Washington understands this “interference” to be, Shenker explained that Russia has deployed regular …

  • Russia presents Avangard hypersonic missile to US inspectors

    For the first time, the Russian military has presented an Avangard missile system with a hypersonic warhead to American inspectors, RBC reports with reference to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry.

    The Avangard was demonstrated in order to help preserve the “viability and effectiveness” of the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty, the department explained. The ministry noted that the Avangard should be adopted into active service by the end of 2019.

    The American inspectors were in …

  • US Navy artillery’s range now triple that of Russia’s naval guns

    The US has managed to extend its artillery range to 50 km with its new Excalibur N5 shell. The shots were fired from an MK45 Mod. 4 ship-based artillery system, which has a basic range of 15-16 km. However, long distance shots are typically less accurate and lead to an overexpenditure of ammunition.

    The new 127 mm shell was developed by Raytheon, and has been equipped with a special GPS navigation system, which enables it to be accurate despite the range boost to 48.1 km. Satisfactory results …