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  • Russia calls joint US-Ukraine naval exercise ‘a provocation’

    The joint exercises of the Ukrainian Navy and the United States Navy in the Black Sea is a provocation against Russia, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Franz Klintsevich told RIA Novosti news agency.

    "This is a kind of political demonstration of US hegemonic aspirations: ‘we are everywhere, and everything concerns us,’" the senator said. At the same time, according, the American destroyer poses no threat to Russia.

    "It [the destroyer USS Carney] …

  • Ukrainian military aircraft and American destroyer USS Carney conduct joint exercise in the Black Sea

    Navy Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine held PASSEX type joint training exercises with the U.S. Navy's USS Carney (DDG 64) destroyer in the Black Sea, the press center of Ukraine's Naval Command reports on its Facebook page.

    It is noted that these exercises were aimed at practicing interaction in accordance with NATO standards and increasing the level of interoperability.

    During the exercises, two Kamov’s Ka-27 helicopters of the Ukrainian Navy performed more than 10 landings on the deck …

  • Ukrainian Navy seizes foreign ship carrying cargo of contraband cigarettes in the Black Sea

    The Ukrainian military opened fire during an operation to detain a foreign ship accused of smuggling in the Black Sea, the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on Facebook on January 1.

    "After ascertaining the futility of an attempted escape from the Ukrainian military boat, the vessel made contact and was questioned according to the procedures established by international maritime law. However, the violating vessel did not comply with the request to stop. In order to force an end to …

  • Ukraine conducts naval drills in Black Sea

    On Tuesday December 5, the Ukrainian Naval Forces carried out tactical exercises in the Black Sea, involving 6 small armored artillery boats and 2 naval helicopters, the Defense Ministry’s website reports.

    Of the 6 small armored artillery boats which took part in the drills, 4 were constructed for the Navy this year.

    During the training, the ships formed a tactical group and worked on assignments related to the protection and defense of the coastal zone, ports, and communications.

    “Weapons …

  • Ukraine’s Navy conducts drills with US Navy destroyer USS James E. Williams

    On Saturday, the Ukrainian Naval Forces conducted PASSEX type joint training exercises with the US Navy’s James E. Williams destroyer, the press center of Ukraine’s Naval Command reported.

    “On December 2, the Ukrainian Naval Forces together with the USS James Williams conducted PASSEX type training exercises. Two Ka-27 helicopters from the Ukrainian Navy were involved in the event,” the report states.

    The goal of the exercises was to work on cooperation with partner-states’ ships according to …

  • Ukraine to build four new military ships

    Ukraine is restarting the program to construct corvette class ships, with a budget allocation of 32 billion hryvnia ($1.20 billion USD). The decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers.

    The program will entail the construction of four ships of the Vladimir Velikiy class. The construction of the first ship will resume as early as 2018, and 1.4 billion hryvnia ($50 million USD) has been allocated to this. It is expected to join Ukraine’s naval forces in 2022. The second, third and fourth …

  • Ukrainian Navy Commander: Russia is disassembling seized Ukrainian ships for scrap parts

    The commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Vice Admiral Ihor Voronchenko said that Russia has been disassembling seized Ukrainian vessels and scavenging them for parts.

    "Ukrainian ships are anchored separately; they are singled out as the equipment of a foreign country but to our knowledge they exist as spare parts donors," Voronchenko said on Monday night, February 27 on 5 Kanal TV.

    "For example, our ship Konstantin Olshansky, which is a Project 775-class landing ship is used as a spare …

  • Ukrainian Naval Forces continue exercises in the Black Sea region

    In the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions, and in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, exercises by the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are continuing, as was stated by the press service of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

    Ships, boats and vessels, naval aircraft, and auto and armored vehicles are involved in exercises. Participants of these maneuvers are practicing tasks to increase the security of the state border.

    Maritime forces are carrying out tactical exercises on mine-laying …