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  • Ankara may consider purchasing Ukrainian nuclear fuel for Turkish power plants

    Turkey may consider the possibility of purchasing nuclear fuel from Ukraine for Turkish nuclear power plants, said Turkish Ambassador to Ukraine Yagmur Ahmet Guldere in an interview with

    "We are ready for any cooperation in this field, any dialogue with those countries that are ready for the mutual dialogue, including Ukraine. If there is a proposal, we will be ready to consider it," the ambassador said.

    At the same time, the diplomat pointed out that Turkey can contribute to the …

  • Ukrainian official: The armed conflict in Ukraine can flare up again

    A new phase of an armed conflict is going to flare up in Ukraine sooner or later, according to a Ukrainian political expert of the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, Olga Aivazovska, at a briefing with journalist.

    “What is happening in the media with regards to the narrative that Ukraine has to accept the loss of the Crimea... is not the way to achieve peace. It can only delay the crisis or the new phase of the armed conflict, which will start sooner or later. Ukrainian society cannot easily …

  • Russia warns Kyiv that there will be a military response if Ukraine carries out scheduled missile tests

    The Head of the Russian Federal Agency for CIS Countries and International Humanitarian Cooperation, Konstanin Kosachev, warned Ukraine over conducting the missile tests in “Russian airspace”.

    “If it comes to the point  that we have to use military response, this will, of course, be a most horrible and unpleasant scenario, which all of us have to prevent,“ Kosachev stated at the International Conference of Scientific Research Centers entitled “Crisis of world order, not only a Russian problem . …