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  • Ukraine tests Vilkha-M missile with 120 km range

    On March 30-31, the Ukrainian State Design Bureau Luch conducted another successful test of the Vilkha-M missile, reported the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on its website.

    "Even in the conditions of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing implementation of the Ukrainian missile program with the active participation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces continues in the sphere of security and defense," the statement …

  • Ukrainian Army adopts the new Vilkha missile system

    The Vilkha missile system has been introduced to the Ukrainian army and its industrial production will start soon, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine wrote on Facebook.

    The new system was developed by Luch, the state design bureau in Kyiv. Experts say that supplies for the troops will start in mid-2019. The Cabinet of Ministers stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “will strengthen its defense capabilities and will be able to effectively combat against the aggressor in the east of the …