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  • British MoD: Russia’s use of retired pilots in Ukraine shows lack of well-trained service members

    According to a British Defense Ministry intelligence update, Russia’s use of retired military personnel who are now private contractors suggests Russia does not have enough trained service members, especially pilots, to continue its war in Ukraine.

    On June 17th, Ukrainian forces reportedly shot down a Russian Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft and captured the pilot, Major Andrei Fedorchukov. The pilot confessed to being a former Russian air force major who is employed by Wagner, a private …

  • Russian mercenaries in Central African Republic accused of rape, torture and executions

    Radio France Internationale (RFI) published an investigation into the crimes of Russian "instructors" in the Central African Republic (CAR), which is based on the stories of dozens of witnesses and reports of human rights organizations.

    The main source of information in the article under the headline "In the Central African Republic, victims of Russian atrocities broke the law of silence" is the report of a special working group of the UN. It reports that between January and mid-April this …

  • Russian general killed in Africa

    A Russian major general was killed in Angola, reported the volunteer community "Gruz 200 from Ukraine to Russia."

    It is reported that General Vasily Aleksandrovich Kravtsov was killed in Angola on October 17. The alleged cause of death is a traffic accident.

    Since 2012, Kravtsov has been the commander of Russia's 336th separate Marine Brigade of the Baltic Fleet. In 2014, the brigade took part in the annexation of Crimea.

    The general had Russian state awards  - the Order for Merit to the …

  • Four Russian mercenaries killed in helicopter crash in Libya

    A military helicopter crashed in Libya, killing Russian mercenaries from the Russian private military company the Wagner Group, reported the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

    The incident took place on September 23 near the Al-Jufra airbase. The helicopter collided with the ground, causing ammunition on board to explode.

    Four Russian mercenaries were killed in the accident.

    "A helicopter carrying Russian mercenaries and ammunition fell in the town of Sukna, in the city of Al-Jufrah,” military …

  • Putin: Detention of Wagner mercenaries in Belarus is a joint operation between Ukrainian and American special services

    Russian President Vladimir Putin called the detention of Wagner militants in Belarus a joint operation of Ukrainian and American special services.

    "Now it is obvious. This is an action of special services. People were unknowingly moved to the territory of Belarus... They were simply dragged into the territory of Belarus and presented as a possible strike force for swaying the situation during the election campaign. Which was completely untrue. People were on their way to work in a third …

  • Belarus to hand over detained Wagner mercenaries to Russia

    Mercenaries from the Russian Private Military Company the Wagner Group, who were detained near Minsk, can be handed over to Russia very soon, reported Interfax, citing an unnamed source.

    According to media reports, the mercenaries "will be handed over to the Russia for further investigation in the near future, possibly before the end of the week." They will leave Minsk, presumably by air.

    The Russian Embassy in Belarus has confirmed that work is underway to return detained Russians.

    Earlier, …

  • Russia: Ukrainian Security Service behind detention of Wagner mercenaries in Belarus

    Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is behind the detention of Russian mercenaries in Belarus, writes the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda with reference to an informed source.

    33 Russian citizens were detained in Belarus on July 29th. According to Belarusian law enforcement officials, they came to the country to destabilize the situation before the presidential elections. Ukraine said that among the detainees there are those who fought in the Donbas and asked for their extradition. …

  • Putin calls Lukashenko to discuss detention of Russian mercenaries in Belarus

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko held a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported Putin's press service.

    According to the press service, the Presidents "exchanged views" on the recent detention in Belarus of 33 mercenaries of the private military company the Wagner group".

    "The sides expressed confidence that the situation will be resolved in a spirit of mutual understanding characteristic of cooperation between the two countries," Putin's press service …

  • Zelensky and Lukashenko discuss extradition to Ukraine of Wagner mercenaries detained in Belarus

    Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky held a telephone conversation with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, reported the Ukrainian presidential press service.

    "The presidents discussed in detail the issues related to the detention in Belarus at the end of July of a group of persons belonging to the Russian private military company the Wagner Group. The importance of further effective cooperation between the authorities of the two states, in particular in the context of the …

  • Russia to establish military bases in 6 African countries

    Russia has agreed with six African leaders to establish domestic military bases in the territory of their countries, reports the German newspaper Bild. According to journalists, to date, Russians are conducting military cooperation with 21 African countries.

    The German media outlet refers to a secret document of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents says that for five years Russia has been actively establishing military contacts n Africa. Recently, during negotiations, Moscow …