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  • Ukrainian Defense Minister calls on West to supply heavy weapons

    Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said Ukraine “desperately needs heavy weapons” as he called on the West to increase the speed and quantity of weapons coming into the country.

    “We have already received, bought on the market, manufactured and handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine a significant number of weapons,” Reznikov wrote on Facebook. “These numbers would have been enough for a victorious defense operation against any army in Europe,” he added. “But not against Russia.” …

  • Turkey’s Baykar to donate drone after Lithuanian fundraiser for Ukraine

    The Turkish defense company Baykar will donate a Bayraktar TB2 advanced combat drone to Lithuania for transfer to Ukraine after Lithuanian citizens raised nearly 6 million euros to buy one. Baykar is requesting that the funds be used instead to provide humanitarian aid for Ukrainians.

    “The people of Lithuania have honorably raised funds to buy a Bayraktar TB2 for Ukraine,” the company wrote on Twitter. “Upon learning this, Baykar will gift a Bayraktar TB2 to Lithuania free of charge and asks …

  • Scholz says Germany will give Ukraine an air defense system and a tracking radar

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced Wednesday that Germany would be sending an air defense system and a tracking radar to help Ukrainian forces locate sources of Russian artillery.

    “This, too, is a decision we have made that ensures Ukraine’s security with the most modern equipment,” Scholz told Germany’s Federal Parliament.

    The Chancellor noted the German-made IRIS-T air defense system was among the most sophisticated in the German arsenal and could be deployed to protect entire cities. …

  • Germany to send 15 Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine in July

    Germany will deliver 15 Flakpanzer Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine in July.

    Speaking after a meeting Friday between German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht and her Ukrainian counterpart, Olexii Resnokiv, a Lambrecht said the anti-aircraft system will be used to defend critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

    Germany will provide training support as well as 60,000 rounds of ammunition.

    Lambrecht explained that the Gepard is an effective weapon with a "considerable deterrent …

  • Canadian opposition demands weapons intended for the Kurds in Iraq be sent to Ukraine instead

    CTV reported on Monday that the Conservative Party of Canada, which currently serves as Canada’s Official Opposition party, has proposed that the country’s government transfer lethal weapons previously intended for delivery to the Kurds in Iraq to Ukraine instead.

    "They [the ruling Liberal Party of Canada] have been allowing these weapons to sit in storage and collect dust and, meanwhile, the violence in Ukraine has taken on a new spring offensive," conservative politician James Bezan claimed. …

  • The USA’s defense budget for 2019 allocates $250 million to Ukraine

    As stated by the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA on Facebook, the USA’s defense budget for 2019 provides for 250 million dollars’ worth of assistance to Ukraine. "The U.S. House Committee on Armed Services, a standing committee of the United States House of Representatives introduced the draft proposal for 2019 defense budget. The amount of funds proposed to provide for “security assistance” to Ukraine, including lethal weapons, is 250 million dollars, which is 100 million more than was proposed …

  • US Ambassador: Since 2014 the US has allocated almost $1 billion to improve Ukraine's security

    Since 2014, the United States has funneled nearly a billion US dollars into Ukraine for improving security, US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch said in an interview with Zavtra, a joint project of Radio Liberty and 112 Ukraine, on the evening of April 22.

    When asked when Ukraine would receive defensive weapons from the United States, Yovanovitch replied: "I cannot say anything new about this. You know, obviously, this is not the kind of information that we publicly speak about." …

  • Prime Minister of Lithuania: We must continue to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons

    Saulius Skvernelis, the Prime Minister of Lithuania, stated during the Kyiv Security Forum that he is convinced of the necessity to continue supplying lethal weapons for Ukraine’s defensive purposes.

    Skvernelis stated: “We must continue to help Ukraine with lethal weapons—but not for the purpose to show that we want to encourage a war. We want to defend ourselves, and having lethal weapons means that we can save the lives of the military. I emphasize, this is not the encouragement of military …

  • Ukrainian President negotiates weapons supply agreement while visiting Kuwait

    The Ukrainian Presidential Press Service has reported that President Petro Poroshenko signed an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the military and other spheres during his visit to Kuwait.

    The conclusion of the agreement will create a legal framework for the implementation of cooperation between the two states in the defense sphere.

    The parties agreed in particular on the mutual exchange of intelligence and other specialized information; cooperation between the countries’ defense- …

  • Poroshenko: deliveries of American weapons to Ukraine will be made within 'several weeks'

    The first delivery of American weapons to Ukraine will be made within “several weeks”, stated the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in answer to reporters’ questions during a press conference. A video of the event was posted on the leader’s Facebook page.

    “Unfortunately, I can’t give you any details. But the first delivery will be made within several weeks,” said Poroshenko. According to him, he discussed the delivery of different types of weapons with various American partners. He added …