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  • American company Westinghouse gives Ukraine permit for nuclear fuel technology

    The Minister of the Energy and Coal Industry Ihor Nasalyk during a Q and A with the government stated that Ukraine received permission from the American company Westinghouse to use their technologies for producing nuclear fuel in Ukrainian nuclear plants.

    Currently, the technology used to produce fuel for PWR-type reactors, which Ukrainian nuclear power plants are equipped with, are exclusively owned by Westinghouse and the Russian company TVEL.

    According to the minister, a fuel plant can be …

  • Kyiv: American company Westinghouse is ready to provide fuel to all Ukrainian nuclear power plants

    During a meeting with the Ukrainian Minister of Energy and coal industry, Ihor Nasalyk, representatives of the American company Westinghouse stated that they are ready to fully provide nuclear fuel to all nuclear power plants (NPP) in Ukraine, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy.

    According to the ministry, the company assured that it has all the technical and logistical ability to reach 100% of the supply of nuclear fuel for all units of Ukrainian nuclear power …

  • First Ukrainian nuclear power plant unit starts working solely on US fuel

    The third power generating unit of the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (SUNPP) is the first unit in Ukraine to operate on nuclear fuel assemblies of the Japanese-American company Westinghouse, reported Energoatom’s (Ukraine's state-owned nuclear plants operator) press service on Thursday, July 19.

    The reactor used to work on the combine fuel from Russian TVEL Fuel Company. SUNPP plans to transition its second power unit and four other power units from the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant to …