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  • Russia advises Turkey to reconsider its alliance with the USA

    The Russian Embassy in Turkey has published a tweet suggesting that Turkish citizens ask themselves whether the US is really their ally.

    The tweet includes two illustrations. The first shows US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and quotes his statement regarding the death of Turkish soldiers in Idlib, Syria: “We stand by our NATO Ally, Turkey, who lost soldiers in this attack”.

    Takdiri size bırakıyoruz

    — RusEmbTurkey (@RusEmbTurkey) February 12, 2020

    The other …

  • Turkey accuses Russia of supplying weapons and ammunition to Syrian Kurds

    Russia is providing military assistance to Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), reports the Turkish publication Yeni Akit , citing local sources. Yeni Akit states that Russia has been supplying the YPG with weapons and ammunition.

    According to the publication, Russia sent a convoy of forty heavy trucks to the Kurds in Northern Syria, which delivered a large number of weapons and ammunition to the former American Ain Issa military base. According to the reports, earlier, American troops …

  • Turkey threatens Washington with closing Incirlik air base for the US

    Ankara may close for Americans airbase Incirlik because of the unfriendly politics of Washington, stated the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu in an interview with the TV channel A Haber.

    He stressed that Ankara expects the United States to "step away from its wrong steps". "We have other trumps in our hands," the minister added.

    In April, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy stated that the country intends to discuss with NATO the use of the Incirlik airbase in …

  • Turkey decides to work together with US in Syria

    Turkey will operate together with the United States in Syrian city of Manbij, as stated by the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu.

    The Foreign Minister also added that Ankara is considering a "lucrative offer" to purchase a Patriot system from the US.

    A day earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Turkey had agreed to cooperate with Italy and France on the purchase of air defense systems and had also discussed the possibility of acquiring similar …

  • Germany continues to arm Ankara despite Turkey's attacks on Kurds in Syria

    Germany continues to supply weapons to Ankara, even after the start of a Turkish military operation against the Kurds in Syria, as reported on Friday, March 30, by the German public-service channel ARD, citing a response by the German Foreign Ministry to a parliamentary inquiry by the Left Party.

    Since January 20, the report said, Germany has issued permits valued at 4.4 million euros for the supply of arms and ammunition to Turkey.

    Anton Hofreiter, co-chair of the Green parliamentary faction …

  • Turkey: US must take back weapons delivered to Kurds

    The Pentagon must immediately take the weapons and ammunition it sent to Syrian Kurds’ People’s Protection Units (YPG) for combating IS back to US arsenals, Turkish Presidential Press Secretary Ibrahim Kalin said.

    Last Friday, US President Donald Trump held telephone talks with his Turkish counterpart, Tayyip Erdogan. According to the White House, the American leader informed his colleague about adjustments under consideration regarding military support for America’s partners in Syria. …