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  • Ukrainian banker: Kyiv brings a plane full of US dollars each day to satisfy booming demand for foreign currency

    In recent days, there has been an excessive demand for foreign currency in Ukraine. Every day, a plane loaded with cash dollars lands at the Boryspil airport, claims the Managing Director of Credit Optima Bank, Ihor Lvov, reported

    According to the financier, one to two planes per week were enough for Ukrainians before the New Year. Imported cash was given not to currency exchange offices for net sale for population but for payment of deposits and money transfers.

    “There was more than …

  • Main Crimean bank may lose access to SWIFT payment system due to loss of its software license

    The British company Finastra, which produces software that allows banks to access SWIFT (Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system, discovered that one of its clients was the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB) operating in the Crimea and decided to stop this cooperation.

    According to Russian Vedomosti newspaper, the bank can switch to another interface for accessing SWIFT, but if it does not manage to do this before August 31 when the license for the Finastra …

  • National Bank of Ukraine warns of possible cyber-attack on Ukrainian Independence Day

    The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) warned Ukrainian banks that on Independence Day, which is celebrated in Ukraine on August 24, a hacker attack on the country’s banking system was possible, RBC-Ukraine news agency reported citing the press service of the bank.

    "The NBU promptly informed the banks about the appearance of a new malicious code, its features, signatures of the attacks and the need to introduce preventive measures to prevent the attack," the report said.

    The description of virus, …

  • Putin signs law on debt repayment by Crimeans to Ukrainian banks

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law on the repayment of debts by residents of the annexed Crimea to Ukrainian banks.

    The corresponding document was published on the president's website on Monday, reported RIA Novosti.

    In particular, it gives the borrower the right to apply to the Deposit Protection Fund (DPF) established by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), with confirmation of freedom from cooperation with persons entitled to demand payment of the debt. At the same time, the …