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  • Montenegro suspects Kadyrov of involvement in an attempted coup

    Montenegrin prosecutors suspect that the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, campaigned for the leaders of the Montenegrin Muslim community to cooperate with the pro-Russian Democratic Front party, which, in their opinion, should lead to a change of power in the country, reported the Russian publication Izvestia.

    Podgorica believes that a criminal group including Russian nationalists planned a coup involving the assassination of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic during the parliamentary elections …

  • Pence accuses Russia of trying to organize a coup in Montenegro

    During his visit to Podgorica, US Vice President Mike Pence has accused Russia of last year's attempted coup in Montenegro and attempting to destabilize the Western Balkans,  reports the news agency RTCG.

    "In these times…we must stand together in defense of all that we hold dear…Here, in Europe, we must be resolute and uncompromising in the face of aggression from an unpredictable country that casts a shadow from the east," Pence noted.

    According to Pence, Russia is trying to reshape …

  • 14 people in Montenegro, including two Russians, were charged in connection with attempted coup

    A court in Podgorica reported on charges against 14 people, including two Russian citizens, in connection with the coup attempt in Montenegro last fall, reports Radio Svoboda.

    Among those accused of "creation of a criminal organization" are two opposition politicians, parliament deputies Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic from the Democratic Front, two Russian citizens, nine Serbians and one Montenegran. The Russians were also accused of terrorism.

    The court has 15 days to agree with the …

  • US accuses Russia of interfering in Montenegro’s elections

    A representative of the White House National Security Council accused Russia of planning a coup in Montenegro on election day.

    According to him, the US completely believes the media’s reports that Russian intelligence was connected to the coup attempt in October last year.

    “We are very concerned about Russian interference in the October elections in Montenegro, including credible reports of Russian support for an attempted election day attack on the government,” a senior White House official …

  • Witness in Montenegro coup case says former Russian diplomat was main revolt organizer

    Aleksandar Sindjelic, one of the defendants in the case investigating the attempted coup in Montenegro in October last year, said that he was recruited by Eduard Shishmakov (Shirokov), former Russian diplomat and agent of the Russian GRU, the Vijesti news site reported.

    According to Sindjelic, Eduard “Eddy” Shishmakov organized a group of 500 people who were supposed to bring about a coup d’état, arresting and killing Prime Minister Milo Ðukanović on voting day during the parliamentary …

  • Montenegro could become a NATO member country as early as May of this year

    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Srdjan Darmanović said in an interview with Reuters that the country was assured that the U.S. Senate would ratify the accession of Montenegro to NATO. He expects Montenegro to become a member of the alliance by the end of May 2017.

    Darmanović noted that Montenegro has received assurance from the United States Senate that "this will happen 100%." According to him, 24 out of 28 NATO members have ratified Montenegro's accession to the alliance, though …

  • One of the Montenegro attempted coup participants maintained relations with the Russian military attache in Serbia

    In November, the Montenegro Prosecutor’s Office, following the parliamentary elections, said that a coup attempt and a plan to assassinate the Prime Minister, Milo Đukanović, were organized in the country.

    According to the article “The strength and the weakness of the Russian special services,” Nemanja Ristić, one of the alleged participants in the Montenegro coup attempt, maintained relations with the Russian military attaché in Serbia, Colonel Andrei Kindyakov. This conclusion was reached as …

  • DaVinci AG: There Is a High Probability of a Coup In Moldova

    The analytical group DaVinci AG reported that there is a high probability that a coup d’état will be staged in the Republic of Moldova, initiated by pro-Russian forces under the coordination of security services of Russian Federation.

    “Destabilization of the situation in Moldova could escalate into a regional hotbed of tension that would include part of Odessa region. An attempt to destabilize the situation in Romania on ethnic grounds is also possible. The scenario of force in the Republic …