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  • Russian anti-submarine forces conduct exercises in the Black Sea

    Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is conducting anti-submarine exercises that will continue until March 25th, as reported by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

    Warships of the regional defense unit as well as diesel-electric submarine Stary Oskol and Naval Aviation units of the Russian Black Sea Fleet take part in the exercises.

    "While carrying out the assigned tasks, the anti-submarine strike group consisting of small anti-submarine ships Suzdalets and Muromets conducted an operation …

  • Russia starts large-scale exercises in Crimea

    Russia has started large-scale exercises with its airborne forces and live ammunition at the Opuk test site in the annexed Crimea, according to the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    More than 2,500 paratroopers are taking part in the exercises, and almost 600 pieces of military equipment – subdivisions of the Novorossiysk (mountain) airborne assault division, the Kamyshinsk and Ulan-Ude air assault brigades, some of the forces and equipment from the Black Sea Fleet, the 4th army of …

  • Russia refuses to inform NATO about upcoming military exercises

    Russia is not yet prepared to brief NATO on the upcoming military exercises, said Andrey Kelin, Director of the Department of European Cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an Interfax interview on Monday.

    “We have not yet moved forward in establishing our relations to the extent that we can take steps such as the prospective explanation of such situations,” Kelin said, commenting on the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who expressed the hope on Monday …

  • Ukrainian military to hold exercises in Kherson region near the Crimea

    At a press briefing on February 10th, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Colonel Dmytro Gutsulyak, said that the Ukrainian military will conduct exercises in the Kherson region, which borders with the Crimea.

    According to Gutsulyak, Ukrainian military units, armed with SAM Buk-M1 missiles, will conduct firing exercises at the Yahorlyk training site in the Kherson region.

    On a similar note, during the multinational exercise, called Saber Guardian-2017, at the Shabla training …

  • Poltorak claimed that Ukraine intends to hold regular missile exercises in the Black sea

    Ukraine is planning to hold regular missile firing exercises in the Black Sea, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said in an interview with Channel 5.

    "I consider these exercises as very good and necessary. We are not going to ask anyone which exercises we should hold in our own territory. They will be held as regularly as needed,” Poltorak stated.

    According to the Minister, Russian authorities reacted strongly to the exercises held by Ukraine. He added that the Defense Ministry was ready to …

  • Iran warned US aircraft against crossing into Iranian airspace

    According to the Tasnim agency, which cited a statement by the representative of the Iranian army, Iran issued several warnings to an American reconnaissance aircraft that tried to approach the Iranian forces during exercises in the southern part of the country.

    "More than 12 warnings to the aircraft were issued over the past three days to prevent them from approaching the Iranian airspace," the agency reports with reference to General Abbas Farajpour.

    The agency reports that warnings were …

  • Russia's Pacific Fleet to take part in joint naval exercises with India

    The Pacific Fleet ships that consist of a large anti-submarine ship, Admiral Tributs, and a Boris Butoma tanker have sailed off for the Indian port of Visakhapatnam to take part in the Indra Navy joint drills, Vladimir Matveyev, a spokesman for Russia’s Eastern military district, told TASS.

    "The ships are under the command of the Deputy Commander of the Seaboard (Primorsk) Combined Forces Flotilla Rear Admiral, Eduard Mikhailov, and are currently heading to the base of the Eastern Fleet of the …

  • Military expert: Ukrainian exercises near the Crimea are unfavorable for Russia

    From the point of view of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian exercises near the Crimea are “an absolute loss” as the Russian Government will have to “increase the degree” of their defenses as expressed on 30 November to Krym.Realii by ​Mykhailo Samus, Deputy Director of Kyiv's Centre for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CACDS). According to the expert, if Russia does not respond to these exercises, this will mean that their authority will be “lost within the country.”

    “In this …

  • NATO exercises begin in Georgia

    NATO exercises began on the Vaziani base near Tbilisi in Georgia on Thursday. This was reported by the Rustavi 2 TV channel.

    These large-scale exercises will last for 10 days and will be attended by soldiers from 11 NATO countries and two partner states.

    A total of 250 soldiers will participate in the exercises. Their main goal is to practice interactions between NATO forces and Georgia in response to crisis situations.

    These exercises are a part of a package of measures adopted by the …

  • Finland holds large naval drills in the Baltic Sea

    The MEPU-16 naval drills, which are the main drills conducted by the Finnish Naval Forces in 2016, started on Wednesday in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea, as reported by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. 2,700 people, including 900 professional soldiers, will take part in the naval drills.

    The Commander of the Finnish Navy, Mika Niemi, stated that there are approximately 1,400 recruits and 400 reservists taking part in the exercises. In addition about 30 warships, including a Hä …