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  • Kyiv calls on Ukrainian companies to sue Russia for property lost in Crimea

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on Ukrainian companies to sue Russia for property lost in the annexed Crimea, as reported by Olena Zerkal, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Integration, in a Facebook post.  

    She commented on the decision of the Arbitration Court in The Hague to compensate Ukrainian investors $159 million for lost assets.

    "The text and procedure are currently confidential…[but] we can report that the arbitrators have recognized the following: …

  • Hague arbitration court orders Russia to compensate Ukraine for assets lost in Crimea

    The Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague has ordered Russia to pay Ukraine $159 million in compensation for the assets lost in annexed Crimea, as reported in an announcement by the TV company 1+1, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

    “The Arbitration Court in the Hague has determined that Russia must pay compensation to a number of Ukrainian investors for the annexation of Crimea. In this case the amount is $159 million. The court has determined that Russia is responsible for violating …

  • Georgia to file a lawsuit against Russia over the death of Georgian citizen

    Georgia’s Ministry of Justice, in coordination with the government, will submit a lawsuit against Russia to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the newspaper Vzglyad reports. Georgia’s Minister of Jusice, Tea Tsulukiani, stated that the case is being initiated regarding Georgian citizen Archil Tatunashvili, who died in South Ossetia in February of this year.

    “The process of preparing claims started during the period when Georgian authorities were doing everything possible to get …

  • Ukraine accuses Russia of illegal gas production at the Odessa shelf

    Since the annexation of the Crimea, Russia has illegally extracted over 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas from the Odessa gas field, as reported by Hromadske citing Svitlana Nezhnova, Chairman of the Board of the state-owned joint-stock company Chornomornaftogaz (the company considers itself as the legal owner of oil and gas assets in the Crimea).

    Replying to the question as to whether Russia plans to stop gas production at the Odessa gas field, Nezhnova answered that such statements were not …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Russia will pay a huge fine in accordance with Kyiv’s claim in The Hague Arbitration Court

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, claims that the amount of compensation from Russia for violations of Ukraine's rights in the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, and the Kerch Strait will be significant, however the amount of compensation will be determined by the International Tribunal.

    "We deliberately do not publicize the amount, because Russia continues to violate the rights of Ukraine, and Russia will pay for it - the amount will be determined by the Arbitration Court. …