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  • Russia refuses to recognize the jurisdiction of the court in Ukrnafta lawsuit

    The Russian Federation refuses to recognize the jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the course of PJSC (Public Joint-Stock Company) Ukrnafta’s lawsuit on the protection of its investments in connection with seizure of petrol stations in Crimea, as stated in the press-release of the court.

    Russia has taken the same position with the lawsuits of the following companies: Stabil LLC, Kirovohrad Nafta, Crimea-Petrol, Pirsan, Trade-Trust, Elefteria, Satek PCF (Production and …

  • US law firm to defend Ukraine in dispute with Russia over assets in Crimea

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hired the U.S. law firm Covington & Burling for $3.676 million to the protect Ukraine's interests in the international arbitration dispute with Russia over the annexation of the Crimea. The company has a reputation for successfully protecting clients' interests at various levels against the Russian Federation.

    The contract with Covington & Burling was signed on May 5th. The term of the provision of legal services lasts until December 31, 2016.

    In …

  • German businessman has won another legal victory over Russia

    German businessman, Franz Sedelmayer, has won another legal victory over Russia.  He is currently striving for the sequestration of Russian property abroad due to the expense of lost investments in St. Petersburg.

    The First Instance Court of the French town of Draguignan had refused to recognize and implement the decision of the St. Petersburg court with regard to the extraction of taxes and fines from Sedelmayer totaling an amount of 65.6 million dollars.  This was reported by the Kommersant …

  • Russia found new arguments to challenge decision in Yukos case

    Russian lawyers will use the recent decisions of courts in Stockholm and Washington to challenge the legitimacy of The Hague's jurisdiction in the Yukos case.

    Russia has found new arguments to challenge the decision on the payment of 50 billion dollars to the former shareholders of Yukos, as a result of a lawsuit, reported Vedomosti.

    On February 9th, in the District Court of The Hague, Moscow's appeal will question the illegality of the application of the Energy Charter to this case, as well …

  • Activist charged under 'anti-protest law' flees Russia

    Civil activist, Iryna Kalmykova, who is accused of repeated violations of the procedure for the holding of protests, has left Russia with her son.

    “Hurrah! I’m in Ukraine,” wrote Kalmykova on one of her social networking pages.  She is currently in Kiev.  Moscow’s Tverskoy Court’s hearing on her case should have been held on Monday, but was adjourned to February 4th due to her absence.

    The case was brought against Kalmykova on June 8th.  The activist faces up to five years’ imprisonment under …

  • Ukrainian Gas Company Files Lawsuit against Russia

    Ukrnafta has filed a lawsuit against Russia with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague, the Netherlands. The details of the lawsuit aren’t known. It was noted on the PCA website that the proceeding was initiated in accordance with an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, signed by the Russian Federation and Ukraine in 1998.

    Moreover, according to the PCA database, eleven more Ukrainian companies (Stabil, Rubenor, Rustel, Kirovohrad-Nafta, Krym-Petrol, Pirsan, Trade- …

  • Ukrainian Citizens Have Filed More Than 700 Human Rights Complaints against Russia

    According to the Justice Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Petrenko, the number of civil cases against Russia is constantly growing. Additionally, Kiev officials have filed three interstate suits against Russia.

    On Tuesday, January 5th, in an interview with national media, Petrenko announced that citizens of Ukraine have submitted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) more than 700 lawsuits against Russia. Moreover, almost all of the lawsuits were filed by people from Crimea, Lugansk and …