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  • Factories in eastern Ukraine repossessed by Russia.

    A list of Ukrainian factories repossessed by Russia and moved out of Luhansk region in the east of Ukraine was published by all of the most valuable high-tech equipment in the occupied territory of Luhansk has been dismantled and removed to Russia.In August of 2014 residents of eastern Ukraine were able to see the true face of the "Russian world".  As noted by the "Public Union of Donbass "on their Faceboook page."Donbass residents could see a real robbery ... " Topaz " - …

  • How the West Can Stand Up to Putin


    Russian President Vladimir Putin answers questions from Russian journalists on September 4. Putin is a geopolitical bully and the only thing bullies respond to is force. Not the current sanctions that Putin, so far, seems to think are nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Unless the West draws a clear line in the sand that Putin fears encroaching, Ukraine won’t be the only country in Europe under Putin’s tundra.

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  • NATO will never accept illegal annexation of Crimea

    On September 22 NATO Sectetary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine in Kyiv.

    "It is an honour to meet Ukraine´s National Security and Defence Council today. This council plays a key role in upholding the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. I´m looking forward to our discussions today.  

    Ukraine and NATO have been Partners for almost 20 years. I am proud of everything we have achieved together. Ukrainian troops have worked …

  • Anti-Russian painting of Lugansk teen shook social networks

    Social media is taken by a painting of a 15 year old girl from the city of Kreminna, Luhansk region. The young artist reflects her vision on Russia.

    The picture was originally published on Facebook by Vladimir Fitio.

    "I was mesmerised by the painting. I got this painting as a gift from a young artist in Lugansk region of Eastern Ukraine. This is how nowadays teenagers see everything Russian. That's how teens relate to all things Russian. This generation is our future and we'll stand till our …

  • Syrian manipulations of the Russian Federation

    Both Ukrainian and foreign media reported today that satellite images published by the US private intelligence firm "Stratfor" show a significant build-up of Russia's military presence in Syria.According to analysis the military aircrafts seen in Syria belong to the units of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation.

    The main activity of the Russian military is observed on the Russian air base near the town of Hamimim Latakia and Tartus seaport.

    It is notable …

  • NATO chief: Russian military still in Eastern Ukraine

    NATO chief: Many sources indicate that Russian military is still in Eastern Ukraine.

    Many intelligence sources indicate that Russia continues to support the separatists and its military are still in eastern Ukraine.This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a joint press conference with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv."The information we received today proves again and gives a detailed picture of what we have been observing for a long time now" - he said." …

  • NATO chief visits Ukraine

    In his first visit to Ukraine NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg took part in the opening ceremony of the joint drills between Ukraine and NATO on the liquidation of consequences of emergencies at the Yavoriv training centre near Ukraine's western border.Stoltenberg will also participate in the session of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council.Ukrainian diplomats say Stoltenberg's visit, his first there, is symbolic in their quest for Western integration as Russia backs a rebellion in …

  • Russia and Israel to coordinate actions in Syria.

    Netanyahu: Russia and Israel will coordinate actions in SyriaIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a joint plan with Russia to coordinate military action in Syria."My goal was to eliminate misunderstanding between the Israeli army and Russian forces," - said Netanyahu after talks in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin.According to the Israeli Prime Minister, leaders of the two countries agreed on mechanisms to prevent accidentally trading fire between soldiers of Israel …

  • First 'Refuseniks' for the Russian mission to Syria

    It is a well known fact now that Russia is sending not only military equipment and weapons, but also its personnel to Syria. Compared with the average salary of a military in The Russian Federation, it's mercenaries get paid very good money. But as reported, there appear the first "refuseniks" who would not go to the "far away hot lands" whatever the pay might be.

    Unrests started in one of the units in the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation, because of soldiers refusing to go …

  • Ukraine Navy to buy new vessels

    According to Vice Adm. Sergey Hayduk, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Ukraine is plannig to sell the Navy’s cruiser Ukraina and use the funds to purchase new military vessels.

    "The proceedings from its sale will be used to build new ships," Hayduk said, as reported by local broadcaster Espreso TV.It is reported that up to 80 percent of the weapons and navigation equipment installed onboard the Ukraina were acquired from Russia, and they are not produced by the Ukrainian defense industry. …