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  • Russian airbase in Voronezh rocked by massive explosions

    On January 2, at about 01:37 am the Russian city of Voronezh was rocked by at least two explosions. According to the local news outlet Blocknote, the explosions were heard in the south-west of the city in the area of the military airfield Baltimore. The news outlets notes that the explosions were so powerful that they could be heard in all parts of the city.

    "A strong explosion was heard. All the car alarms went off," "I first saw that a flash in the window, I got up to see what it was. Then, …

  • Hundreds of Russian conscripts killed in Ukrainian HIMARS strike on occupied Makiivka

    On New Year's night, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried a missile attack on the Russian base  in the occupied city of Makiivka (Donetsk region). Several hundred Russian servicemen  were killed and wounded, according to reports by Russian and Ukrainian media.

    The news agency RBC Ukraine reports that almost exactly at midnight  the building of the vocational school, which was used  as a temporary base by the Russian military, came under a massive strike by Ukrainian MLRS systems. According to …

  • Families of top Russian officials enjoy western life style as Kremlin promotes the image of ‘hostile West’

    Russia's unprecedented confrontation with the West apparently does not apply to the children of the Russian top officials. While the Kremlin officials "surrounded by enemies" continue to promote among the Russian population the image of the hostile West, their sons and daughters live quietly abroad and hold citizenships of these "hostile countries".

    Telegram channel Ateo published a list of former and current Russian politicians, ministers and MPs whose children live abroad.

    - Stalin's …

  • Putin reverses his earlier decree, allows Russian gas producers to accept payments in foreign currency

    Russian gas suppliers will be able to accept payments in foreign currency from "unfriendly" countries, according to the decree signed by the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Payments for gas are proposed to be credited to a special foreign currency account of the Russian supplier specified in the contract.

    The decree amends the March decree, according to which all payments for gas must be accepted exclusively in rubles. In March 2022, after Russian Central Bank's assets in dollars and euros …

  • Former DPR Defense minister Girkin predicts Russia’s collapse in 2023

    The former "Defense Minister" of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Igor Girkin,who is wanted by the Netherlands and Ukraine, summed up the results of 2022 and gave a forecast for the next year 2023.

    Among the main "achievements" of the outgoing year, he predicted a major geopolitical defeat for Russia and the failure of Russia’s “special operation", which was planned "as an easy campaign for homespun coats" with a change of leadership in Kyiv. Girkin blamed the failures of the …

  • Kyiv: Ukrainian troops have advanced 2.5 kilometers towards Kreminna over the past week

    Over the past week, Ukrainian troops have advanced 2.5 km in the direction of the city of Kreminna, Luhansk region, said at a briefing the Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the Ukrainian General Staff, Brigadier General Oleksii Gromov.

    "Our soldiers continue offensive actions near the city of Kreminna. Within a week, the Ukrainian defenders advanced up to 2.5 km in the direction of this city," Gromov said.

    He added that along with this, according to the officers of the …

  • Hungarian Prime Minister Orban: War in Ukraine will end when the U.S. stops supplying weapons to Kyiv

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes that Ukraine can fight as long as the United States supports it with weapons and money.

    In a Christmas interview with the newspaper Magyar Nemzet, Orban noted that this year was the most dangerous in the last thirty years. According to him, Hungary faces the risk of being involved in the war in Ukraine, and rising energy prices are also pushing the country in a dangerous direction.

    According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, a ceasefire is …

  • Putin signs decree banning sale of Russian oil at price cap imposed by the West

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree prohibiting the supply of Russian oil and petroleum products to foreign legal entities and individuals if contracts for these supplies "directly or indirectly" enforce the price cap. "The established ban applies at all stages of deliveries to the final buyer," reads the decree published on the Kremlin’s website.

    The decree will be in effect for six months,  from February 1 to July 1, 2023. According to the decree, the measures are introduced "in …

  • After another Ukrainian drone attack, Russia moving bombers away from airbase in Engels

    After the second Ukrainian drone attack on a military airfield in Engels in a month, Russia has started moving its strategic bombers oi other air bases.

    The investigative project Monitor reports that on the afternoon of Monday, December 26, at least 6 Russian aircraft took to the skies from the airfield in Engels and headed to the Far East to the base Ukrainka, located in the Seryshevsky district of the Amur region.

    According to the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Command Yuri Ignat, there …

  • Kremlin admits Western sanctions affecting Russian economy

    The Kremlin for the first time since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine admitted that Western sanctions are affecting the Russian economy. Russia has problems with oil exports due to the "price cap", said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS.

    According to him, Russia has problems with the insurance of ships that are used to export oil and has not been able to launch its tanker insurance mechanism to replace Western …