Coup in Pro-Kremlin Donetsk Republic

Andrei Purgin, President of the National Council of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic has been ousted from his position and his  deputy Denis Pushilin has taken over his seat.
The arrest warrant has been issued for a head of the National Council of Donetsk Republic,  Mr. Alexandrov.
Mr. Purgin and Mr. Alexandrov were initially prevented from entering Donetsk Republic at the Uspenka border crossing with Russia on Friday. After several hours they managed to make their way to Donetsk.
Upon reaching Donetsk they were not  allowed to take part in the session of the National Council of DNR. The sources from Donetsk Republic state that several members of DNR National Council who expressed their anger at these developments were taken out from the building by military guards.

According to the statement of Denis Pushilin, the newly appointed President of DNR National Council,
Andrei  Purgin's team has been accused by DNR officials of misinformation and mismanagement.
 The investigation has been launched into the activities of Mr. Alexandrov and an arrest warrant has also  been issued.
According to Russian sources Mr. Purgin and his wife were briefly detained by DNR security forces but were later released.
The fate of Alexandrov remains unknown.

 About 200 gathered at the City Administration building in Donetsk in the show of support for Andrei Purgin.
Andrei  Purgin  has been  touted by many in pro-kremlin separatist circles as a “Founding Father” of the self – proclaimed Donetsk republic.
Such a drastic change of leadership is unlikely solely due to  the reasons given by the new President of the National Council of the self-proclaimed republic.
Some sources are pointing at attempts of Kremlin to exert more control over these territories.
The other sources say that this conflict is a conflict between the ruling elites and is a result of a dispute over the cash flows in the republic.


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